When you’ve got heard of ClickBank, Keynetics Inc is the company accountable. P&G positioned Crisco as a scientific breakthrough. The Company’s actual genius, then as now, was in making a client demand for a product that people didn’t know they even needed. Shops throughout the country were given free samples of Crisco. Recipes and cookbooks were given away free of charge to show homemakers the features and advantages of cooking with miraculous Crisco. The product was positioned as a healthy food (we didn’t yet find out about trans-fats). My mother, till the day she died, wouldn’t think of baking a pie without using Crisco for her crust. Crisco turned a staple within the cupboards of generations of cooks and homemakers. Inform your customers an interesting story- Do not be boring. There may be an excessive amount of boring crap online and other people have a brief consideration span. Inform folks … Read more