The Bank of England has just announced a base rate rise from 0.1% to 0.25%. It’s the first rise in the base rate for three years. So what does the rise mean for house prices? Will house prices crash or will they continue to rise in the new year?

Here I take a look at what the interest rate rise means for house prices and mortgages, and what the wider impact on our finances might be.


Why has the Bank of England raised interest rates?

Interest rates and inflation are closely tied together. Banks, businesses and individuals all rely on borrowing to help them spend money. And lower interest rates tend to encourage higher inflation.

The cost of living rose by 5.1% in the year to November, and inflation is well above the government’s target of 2%. The Bank of England has come under pressure to raise interest rates … Read more

Flutter Entertainment (LSE:FLTR) has struggled over the past couple of months. This has been reflected in a downward move in the share price. Even though the shares are down around 26% over one year, most of this move (24% of it) has come in just the past three months. Yet with a potentially promising outlook for next year, I think that Flutter Entertainment shares could be a good discount buy for me right now.

Short-term struggles

It hasn’t been easy going for Flutter of late. Q3 results released in early November did show some good growth, but it also saw the business cut its full-year guidance.

For example, adjusted EBITDA was cut from previous projections of £1.27bn-£1.37bn to £1.24bn-£1.28bn for the group, excluding the US. In the US, Flutter now expects a loss for the year at the higher end of the previous guidance. It spoke of unfavourable sports results … Read more

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate business flywheel.

It turns your happy customers into salespeople who promote your products and services to their friends, family, and online audience. 

Happy customers → Refer new customers → Become happy customers → Refer new customers

And the flywheel keeps spinning.

The question is, are you ready for an affiliate marketing program? You don’t want to start a program too soon, overwhelming your team or seeing it flop before it can get traction.

To figure out if affiliate marketing is for you, answer these 5 questions before you start putting your program together.

#1: Is your product live yet?

Before you can start your affiliate marketing program, you need a product. You can sell an ecommerce product, SaaS, or a service. All qualify for affiliate marketing, but only once they’ve gone live. Without a product, you don’t have anything for your affiliates to sell.

Make Read more

By: Eric Zuehlke, Head of Editorial, Division of Global Communication and Advocacy, UNICEF and Martha Mackenzie, Global Humanitarian Advocacy Lead, UNICEF

Today is UNICEF’s birthday, marking 75 years of delivering critical services and creating safer and healthier environments for children and families around the world. UNICEF’s impact has been far and wide during the global COVID-19 pandemic as the organization has worked to accelerate vaccination efforts, support children impacted by the pandemic, and raise critical awareness about mental health at a time when depression and anxiety are increasing at alarming rates.

Over the past 75 years, UNICEF has made great strides toward helping all children realize their right to health, education, and protection. But now, the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening UNICEF’s hard-fought gains for children around the world. In fact, the pandemic is the biggest crisis for children in UNICEF’s history.

In a new report, UNICEF outlines … Read more

In the 1987 movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko famously says that “money never sleeps”. I’m not sure if Gekko was thinking about passive income when he said that, but these words certainly ring true for me.

My portfolio of dividend shares continues to produce income through the year, even if I ignore it altogether. I’ve been following this approach for years. But today, I want to explain how I’d start a passive income fund from scratch with just £150 a month.

How I’d invest

To invest a small amount each month, I’d use a regular investment service. Many popular brokers now allow monthly investments as small as £25. If I was investing £150 each month, I could theoretically buy six shares at £25. In reality though, I might not do this, as I’d want to minimise the fees I was paying.

For example, if I was paying a … Read more