Linus Karlsson’s main assignment will be to set the creative direction for IKEA Range and Marketing & Communication which includes creatively leading and inspiring the many co-workers and collaboration partners throughout the IKEA network

With the ambition of being a positive force in society and at the forefront of life at home, IKEA wants to be in constant movement, creatively exploring what, where and how people’s notion of home will be in the next decades. To accelerate this work, the company has decided to appoint a Chief Creative Officer for Range and Marketing & Communication.

IKEA of Sweden AB welcomes Linus Karlsson, one of the advertising industry’s most respected and honoured creative executives as Chief Creative Officer from 1 April 2021. His main assignment will be to set the creative direction for IKEA Range and Marketing & Communication. The role also includes to creatively lead and inspire the many co-workers … Read more

By: Mike Melone, Content Marketing Manager, OwnBackup

For nonprofits, digital transformation is increasingly necessary to survival. For many nonprofits, the first step in this transformation begins by centralizing data that’s scattered across multiple systems.

By storing data in’s Nonprofit Cloud for example, nonprofits can provide employees, donors, and volunteers with connected experiences across communication channels. In many instances, nonprofits rely on spreadsheets, manual workflows, approvals, and reporting that can create information silos and slow the critical work of program delivery. But with Nonprofit Cloud, organizations manage all this within Salesforce to gain a full view of their work, their constituents, and their impact — all in one place.

Once you have all of this data aggregated in a single platform, having a way to protect all of this information becomes that much more important.

For nonprofits, digital transformation is increasingly necessary to survival — with that comes an increased
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These UK shares all trade below the £1 marker. Should I buy these penny stocks for my Stocks and Shares ISA today?

#1: Bargain penny stock

We all love a good bargain. In fact, the tremendous growth of Aldi, Primark and B&M over the past decade (to name just a few low-cost retailers) is testament to how consumers now demand more bang for their buck. This growing need for value is why I believe Card Factory is an attractive buy for the years ahead. It’s true this penny stock has a hell of a lot of debt on its books. But with its 1,000-odd stores about to reopen in the coming days, hopefully the company can get to work repairing its financial position. I’d happily add this UK share to my ISA today. Though, like my colleague Rupert Hargreaves, I wouldn’t invest huge sums until its balance sheet shows signs … Read more

Companies are making big money on social media.

And you can too.

The trick to social media marketing is knowing the foundations of what makes it work so well. Making money for your business is a huge pro (and what might be your goal on paper), but social gives companies an opportunity that was harder to come by before smartphones became our best friends.

With social media, you can develop a relationship with your audience in a way that wasn’t possible before Facebook went viral. We get to use social media to talk to our audience and show them we really know our stuff. The right social media marketing strategy speaks to your cold, warm, and hot leads on one platform.

And that’s what leads to revenue.

When people see you as more than a company with a fancy logo and more as a relatable expert in your field (B2B … Read more

There are a very few businesses in the world that have grown like Netflix. From an old-fashioned DVD rental service to the world’s largest content streaming service, Netflix marketing strategies sure have some great lessons for every business striving to make it big out there.

Reportedly, Netflix’s revenue has grown 183% between 2016 and 2020, coming close to $25 billion by the end of 2020.

Same goes for its subscribers. By 2020, Netflix had crossed 200 million paid subscribers which is more than any other streaming service provider.

That’s some tremendous growth right there and it’s no secret that each entrepreneur envisions the same for their business.

Coincidentally, I am the assistant marketing manager at ProofHub, a project management tool used by teams at Netflix itself. I have been observing Netflix marketing strategies for a long time and wanted to share how every growing business can take inspiration from … Read more