Nespresso marks Climate Week by playing its part in reforestation efforts, with a pledge to plant a tree every time someone watches its latest ad. The campaign is running now throughout the UK and has seen a great response som far.

‘This Ad Plants Trees’ sees the coffee brand offer an answer to deforestation. Every single view translates into a donation to fund tree planting. There is an expected minimum of 136,217 trees set to be planted as a result of this campaign.

As part of the broader ‘Everyday Acts’ initiative, the green-fingered promotion works hand in hand with Climate Week to showcase the everyday acts consumers can take to protect the planet. In turn, showing that we can indeed make the changes needed to help reduce climate change. Looking after our world is important, planting trees is a great first step.

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By: Paul Napleton, Head of Digital & Marketing Automation at the University of East Anglia

Have you ever wondered what student life would be like in a sci-fi movie? Would you assume that data, technology, and AI would be cornerstones of student interactions? Guess what: They already are!

The phrase “artificial intelligence” has been around for over 70 years. And even before Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced us to the advanced talking AI HAL 9000, it has always been about a machine’s ability to learn and think like humans.

Today, artificial intelligence is certainly not confined to a galaxy far, far away! It is part of our daily life. Every day we see examples of AI all around us — recommendation engines, image and speech recognition, augmented reality, programmatic ad targeting, chatbots, and CRM tools. It helps us personalise content, make faster decisions, provide 24/7 support, … Read more

Bullish: Alan Oscroft

ASOS (LSE: ASC) has had its share of ups and downs, for sure. That’s what you get when you’re pioneering a new sales and distribution model, especially on this kind of scale. But the current share price crash is a serious confidence shaker.

Brexit costs, increasing freight costs, other cost inflation, and additional headwinds have all conspired to take the shine off the latest set of full-year results. The company’s gross profit margin fell to 45.4% as an outcome. Oh, and CEO Nick Beighton is stepping down with no replacement in place, which is a bit of a shock.

These heavy tidings, coupled with fears of a winter of crippling supply chain problems, sent the shares tumbling. They’re now down nearly 50% over the past 12 months.

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If you’ve ever had a great Facebook post completely bomb, Rachel Miller can tell you why it did and how to fix it. 

“Organic traffic is not a myth,” Rachel Miller, the Moolah Marketer, claims. In fact, “the easiest way to get traffic is organic customers.” And she backs up that bold statement with results that speak for themselves. Rachel’s tips and strategies work across all social media platforms, but Facebook is her favorite. “Facebook is motivated to put your content in front of your audience, your people, without ads,” she says, “because they need to keep your people active on the platform.”

In today’s episode, Rachel takes us step by step through writing and sharing the perfect Facebook post that will attract attention, inspire engagement, and compel people to save and share.

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Influencer marketing is nothing new, though for decades it was known as endorsements. The difference between the endorsements of yesteryear and today’s influencer marketing is that celebrity status is no longer necessary to reach wide audiences. In fact, the latest statistics prove that micro- and nano-influencers get better engagement on their promotional posts than celebrities, though their follower numbers may be smaller.

Ecommerce brands find influencer marketing is a perfect fit, with more than 50% choosing influencer campaigns as part of their overall marketing strategy. How is influencer marketing so effective, and what exactly makes it such a perfect match for ecommerce? Let’s dig a little to find out.

Consumers Trust Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing is, and always will be, the most powerful marketing available. According to studies, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other type of marketing.

While influencer marketing isn’t exactly … Read more