Nonprofit teams have a lot on their plates: not only do they have to run their programs as best they can to help their beneficiaries, but they have to run their internal organization also. They have to do all this while regularly drafting and submitting grant requests from funders who have different and changing priorities.

Nonprofits, corporate foundations, social enterprises, and organizations working in the social sector can struggle with how to approach understanding their impact:

  • How do they know that changes in their beneficiary group are due to their interventions? How closely should they track those changes? How rigorous or complex should the analysis of impact data be?
  • Often, nonprofits react to funders’ requirements regarding what to measure, though it can be difficult to obtain funding for impact measurement.
  • Moreover, funders, evaluators, and program managers can have different goals related to programs’ implementations.

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According to IG, between 1984 and 2019, the FTSE 100 rose by 654%. And on a total return basis, the value increased by 1,377%.  Annualising the figures reveals the yearly return for investors over the period was 5.8%, and 7.8% with dividends reinvested.

And that’s why one of the long-term investments in my portfolio is a FTSE 100 tracker fund. And, naturally, I’m holding the accumulation version of the fund rather than the income version so that the dividends are automatically reinvested.

Handling the FTSE 100’s volatility

But what’s the best course of action in uncertain times like now when the index is so volatile? For me, there’s only one answer — keep investing. So my monthly contributions will keep dripping into the FTSE 100 tracker fund however low the index happens to fall.

And in behaving like that I’m following the advice of perhaps the greatest investor … Read more

If you’ve been reading my monthly holidays for marketing and planning articles, you’ve likely picked up on my love of food — especially desserts. I blame it on my father but that’s another story.

I mention this because, when I started looking through this month’s holidays, I was immediately drawn to ice cream. And, since we’re in the dog days of summer and August is Black Business Month, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to share some Black-owned Ice Cream Shops with you.

With days like Ice Cream Sandwich day (Aug. 2nd), National Root Beer Float Day (Aug. 6th), National Ice Cream Pie Day (Aug. 18th), and National Soft Ice Cream Day (Aug 19th), I was poised to wax poetic about the genius of ice cream. But then I realized that August 15th is World Honey Bee Day and I recognize that as much more important than ice … Read more

Tanishq has launched its new TVC campaign by Lowe Lintas called ‘Little Big Moments’, an ode to those moments that need a special everyday celebration

The new Tanishq TVC campaign brings alive the small moments in our lives that infuse joy and make our days even more special. The Little Big Moments TVC highlights that happiness doesn’t only come from elaborate celebrations or grand gestures, but it is often hidden in the smallest moments all around us.

The 60-second heart-warming digital film conceptualised by Tanishq and Lowe Lintas, celebrates a very special moment between a mother and a daughter by showcasing that life is lived in micro-moments and it is all about finding extraordinary in the ordinary.

The film beautifully captures moments that can easily be tucked away in our daily lives, and often go unnoticed. But if we took a moment, a little pause to truly cherish them, … Read more

By: Stu Manewith, Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy at Omatic Software

The concept of ‘data-driven’ nonprofits is still as valid as ever. The challenge that nonprofits in 2021 are facing is that while data is great and all, there is just so much of it and it all comes at you, nonstop, from so many places.

And 2020 didn’t help. According to’s Nonprofit Trends Report (3rd Edition), 71% of organizations surveyed had to accelerate their move to digital programs or events last year due to the pandemic. That meant more platforms, more apps, and more disconnected locations that collect and aggregate data. It’s easy to end up with a lot of data silos, none of which provide a full picture of a supporter’s overall involvement.

When supporter information remains segregated, fundraising initiatives can be crippled. This is because fundraisers — up and down the pyramid — miss out … Read more