The FTSE 100 index is at pre-pandemic levels now. As I write this Tuesday afternoon, it is above 7,200. And it has stayed north of this level for the fourth consecutive session. In this context, it might sound counterintuitive that I am talking about a stock market crash. 

Why a stock market crash could happen

But there is good reason for that. While we are undeniably in a vastly improved state from last year, risks to the global economy are mounting. Yesterday, China reported lacklustre growth in the third quarter of 2021. It is the second largest economy in the world and big business for more than one FTSE 100 company, so it is not one to be taken lightly. Recently, Goldman Sachs reduced forecasts for the US economy as well. It is still strong, just not quite as strong as earlier anticipated. Growth in the UK too, is not … Read more

Online marketing is a many headed monster. The average marketer has to balance social, content, email, and other inbound marketing tactics. All while making sure to monitor the most effective, in order to constantly tailor their strategies to improve results quarter by quarter. Anyone who has done it, whether with or without a team, knows how exhausting it is.

Productivity becomes key if you want to juggle these correctly. The right tools are crucial, so you can automate as much of the process as possible, and cut down on the time spent doing the rest.

1. Text Optimizer

How does it make your team more productive?

  • Quickly find topic ideas
  • Find relevant questions on any topic to determine content structure

Text Optimizer is a semantic search analysis tool that helps you better understand your niche by giving you a list of concepts and entities that constitute it.

The tool is … Read more

Ford said to invest £230m in it’s Halewood plant on Merseyside to make electric car parts, helping safeguard 500  jobs in the UK. The investment will mean the plant will run for many years longer, said Stuart Rowley, president, Ford of Europe.

Government Automotive Transformation Fund

Part of the investment will come from the government’s Automotive Transformation Fund. “We’re really pleased with the support from the UK government,” Mr Rowley said in an interview with the BBC. “We’re not disclosing the exact amount, but it was good support for what is a very significant investment in the UK.” Rowley also noted that the government support was “a part of the decision” to choose to invest in Halewood, “but not the only element”.

Ford’s Halewood plant will begin manufacturing electric power units – which replace the engine and transmission in petrol cars – in 2024. Ford is not the first company Read more

The Greenpeace story started in 1971 with a group of peace activists protesting U.S. nuclear tests off the coast of Alaska. Now in its 50th year, the Greenpeace movement has spread across the globe, becoming the world’s largest independent environmental organisation. 

In 1999, the Greenpeace national offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway united to form one regional entity: Greenpeace Nordic. This allows the organisation to work collectively while ensuring local teams are on the ground to tackle local objectives. 

For more than two decades, this Nonprofit Trailblazer has investigated, exposed and used non-violent creative confrontation to shine a light on environmental problems and abuse, and held governments and corporations accountable for their actions.

Greenpeace ship in the middle of the ocean.

Backed by its committed community of volunteers, and with its most critical processes supported by technology, Greenpeace Nordic won’t give up its fight to raise awareness and change practices and laws until the climate emergency Read more

HSBC and NatWest are hiking mortgage rates for those with large deposits amid fears that inflation is set to spike. This comes after both banks slashed rates to rock-bottom levels earlier this year.

So what will this development mean for the wider mortgage market? Let’s take a look.


Mortgage rates and inflation: what’s happening?

On Thursday, HSBC raised mortgage interest rates by up to 0.1% for customers with 25%, 30% and 40% deposits. The changes apply to fixed mortgage terms above two years.

Following these changes, the bank officially no longer offers three- and five-year fixed deals with sub-1% rates.

According to This Is Money, mortgage brokers have already been told that NatWest will soon follow HSBC’s lead and is expected to hike its mortgage rates by a similar amount.

Up until recently, many analysts have suggested that mortgage rates will go even lower, though recent reports of … Read more