There are many stocks today that offer indirect exposure to crypto-assets such as Bitcoin. Argo Blockchain (LSE: ARB), Riot Blockchain, Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN), Robinhood, PayPal, and MicroStrategy are just some of the companies that offer stock market investors such exposure.

Here, I’m going to compare Argo Blockchain to Coinbase. Which stock is the best way for me to play crypto?

Argo Blockchain vs Coinbase

Let’s start by comparing their business models. Argo Blockchain is a crypto miner that specialises in mining Bitcoin. The more BTC it mines, the more money it can make.

This business model has its advantages. For example, when the price of Bitcoin goes up, Argo’s revenues get a boost and its Bitcoin holdings (it held 1,836 Bitcoins at the end of September) are worth more.

However, it also has its disadvantages. One is that if the price of Bitcoin crashes, revenues … Read more

Building a smarter marketing agency doesn’t involve becoming the “agency of the Future,” selling marketing like a “mad man,” or aiming for 7-figures. Real growth could be as simple as employing this one agency model.

There are 3 things you need to stop doing in order to be an agency of the future.

STOP IT! #1: Stop Asking What the Agency of the Future Will Look Like

We’ve been talking about the agency of the future since 2009. Back when every agency NEEDED to start using QR codes or they were going to be left in the dust. 

The “Agency of the Future” does not define itself by the SERVICES it offers, but instead defines itself by the markets it SPECIALIZES in and SERVES.

If you waste all of your time trying to figure out the next QR code, you’re going to be left behind. You’re going to miss … Read more

You work tirelessly to understand your customer, market, and competition so you can differentiate. Voice-of-customer (VoC) research, user research, competitor research, and insights on jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) can inform your marketing strategy.

Brand tracking is how you measure if those efforts are paying off.

Brand tracking provides both qualitative and quantitative answers to crucial questions:

  • How do your customers perceive your brand?
  • Are your campaigns driving conversions?
  • Do consumers know who you are?
  • Does your messaging at each touchpoint match customer intent?
  • Is your brand part of most consumers’ consideration set?
  • Have you built perceived value?

In this article, we’ll share key brand tracking metrics and methods for how to measure and optimize your success.

Key brand tracking metrics

Brand tracking measures the changes in your brand perception, and provides some insight into branding investment ROI. But branding spend (and thus tracking) can’t be measured in a vacuum.

Unlike … Read more

Asda is seeking 500 workers for its depots and 1,500 people for home delivery over the festive period.The supermarket noted that most of the temporary jobs would be based at its stores.

Recent figures showed that job vacancies in the UK rose above one million in the three months to August. Data from the Office for National Statistics showed that there were 83,000 vacancies in the retail sector alone during that period.

Companies such as Amazon, the online retail giant, are offering one-off bonuses of up to £3,000 to attract staff for Christmas. It is searching for 20,000 workers across its UK network. They also began a huge recruitment drive for a new project in September.

Domino’s Pizza also recently announced it was looking to hire 8,000 drivers in the UK and Ireland.

A spokesman for Asda said the supermarket was confident it would find people to take the temporary Read more

By: Betty Fleurimond, Managing Director, Higher Education Practice, Deloitte

Studies show that students who are both low-income and first-generation college learners have a 21% chance of completing a bachelor’s degree in six years, compared with a 66% chance among other students.

The same disparity can be seen in enrollment rates.

In 2020, 29% of households with at least one student expected to start college canceled their students’ fall enrollment — with Black, Hispanic, low- and middle-income, and first-generation households being the most likely to do so.

Despite the dismal data, many colleges and universities are delivering positive outcomes for those most at risk and have continued to achieve strong results during the tumultuous past year and a half.

In our first joint research project, Deloitte’s Center for Higher Education and partnered to provide an inside look at how leading colleges and universities are helping students succeed in their academic … Read more