Each individual’s relationship with a nonprofit is personal, based on their unique experience with the organization. A single person may donate at different levels depending on the nonprofit they support, not just their income. People volunteer, subscribe, attend events, become members, and seek services for different reasons.

A few questions to ask yourselves: Do you know what motivates people in each of these critical moments? Are you recognizing a person’s dynamic relationship, previous experiences, preferences, passion, and where they are on their journey with your organization?

Our ability to personalize both online and offline experiences is only as good as the data we collect. In the latest State of Nonprofit Marketing Report, a global survey of nonprofit marketers, 71% say their engagement is data-driven, but only 33% are completely satisfied with their ability to use data to create more relevant experiences.

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Our purpose at Salesforce.org is to be the platform that powers your purpose. Thousands of nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and philanthropies trust us to show up with them whenever there’s opportunity to create long-lasting change in the world through the power of technology. An integral part of powering that purpose is intentionally telling the stories of our customers and partners, with a focus on action, impact, and culture.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that Salesforce.org is the technology partner for “Inheritance,” a critical reporting project by The Atlantic that aims to gather, examine, and share stories of the African Diaspora and the Black American experience at scale. Throughout the history of this country, there is a deep well of stories — ranging from everyday resilience to the overlooked contributions of Black Americans — that requires a deeper dive into the past in order to power … Read more

The Power of Us Program 一 Salesforce’s technology donation program that provides 10 free licenses to eligible organizations, as well as other free and discounted products 一 has been reimagined with a focus on helping nonprofit organizations and educational institutions start fundraising quickly.

When Salesforce first launched the Power of Us Program, the goal was to empower nonprofits with access to the same platform used by Fortune 500 companies. Since then, we’ve had over 50,000 customers take advantage of these donated licenses. We’re building on that success and strengthening the program with easier customer access, more community, and additional discounted products.

Immigration Equality fights for justice and equality on behalf of immigrants who are LGBTQ or living with HIV. Pictured: Ishalaa Ortega, an Immigration Equality spokesperson and former client.

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Keeping up with the fast-changing world of media and technology is hard for anyone. For parents, figuring out what it all means for their kids can be a major challenge. Fortunately, they can turn to Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization that serves as the leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools.

When parents want to know if a movie or TV show is appropriate for their kids, they visit Common Sense Media’s site to get an expert opinion. But Common Sense is more than a ratings and review site; it’s a robust set of resources to help parents feel empowered to raise kids in the digital age. Colby Zintl, Common Sense’s chief marketing officer, wants more people to take advantage of all that the organization has to offer parents and educators. She’s focused on enhancing Common Sense Media’s user experience — which is why … Read more

Crisis after crisis, we’re seeing how technology can play a critical role in helping us innovate quickly, collaborate effectively, and accelerate impact in ways we could never have previously imagined. But the reality is that while technology is critical, none of this is possible without trust.

From climate action to health equity, these causes demand urgent action – and trust is critical to making that possible. Yesterday at the NetHope Global Summit, Salesforce President and Chief Financial Officer, Amy Weaver spoke with Dr. Bruce Aylward from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the importance of trust and data to power co-innovation. Dr. Aylward is responsible for operationalizing cross-sector partnerships to address infectious diseases and played a key role in standing up COVAX, a global alliance whose goal is to ensure that people in all corners of the world get access to COVID-19 vaccines.

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