To support education institutions, Esor Consulting Group, a Equality Partner, and HBCUforce, are helping to train and hire underrepresented minorities in IT. The tech industry’s market and growth potential, including the CRM and cloud computing verticals, offer a point of entry into careers that are underrepresented by people of color. This critical work is changing lives and generations to come. 

Esor and are committed to opening the doors of opportunity so that everyone has equal access to a quality education, meaningful career, and prosperous future. Student success is critical to building a better future for all.

The tech industry’s market and growth potential offer a point of entry into careers
that are underrepresented by people of color.

As inequalities have grown during the global COVID-19 pandemic and new challenges have emerged for schools to equitably and holistically support their students, we feel a sense of … Read more

A CRM is customer relationship management technology that helps nonprofits, educational institutions, and businesses manage their relationships with current and prospective constituents, students, and customers.

A CRM gives organizations the tools to streamline their operations, keep track of customer interactions, and unify data or team silos into a single source of truth. The best CRM tools offer one integrated platform that provides all your departments a single shared view of every customer, constituent, or student.

 A CRM gives nonprofits and educational institutions the tools to streamline operations, keep track of interactions, and unify data into a single source of truth.

Who is a CRM for?

Don’t let the name fool you! Although it sounds like CRMs are specific to customers, robust CRM platforms like Salesforce encompass nearly every aspect of an institution or organization’s operations — from marketing and communications to analytics, fundraising to grants management, and student experience to … Read more

Now more than ever, new models for “skilling up” are emerging to futureproof the workforce, including more flexible offerings through higher education institutions, employers, and online course providers. Amid the angst about drops in higher ed enrollment, many predominantly online institutions saw enrollment climb — in some cases by quite a lot.

At Salesforce, our global impact is much bigger than our technology and our company. Together with our partners and customers, we’re creating millions of Salesforce jobs around the world. This is what research firm IDC has coined the “Salesforce Economy,” which will add 4.2 million new jobs through 2024. That’s the equivalent of Thailand’s and Belgium’s GDP combined, or the population of New Zealand all getting new jobs.

The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to create 4.2 million jobs worldwide through 2024, adding $1.2 trillion in new business revenues to local economies. –IDC

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In the past year, we’ve seen a singular global focus on overcoming a deadly pandemic. This has led many to ask: What if we approached the ongoing climate change crisis with the same degree of urgency and priority? Our own education community has an important role to play in the discussion and the solution.

As institutions think about their next normal and what it means to infuse all aspects of operations and service with transformation, it is increasingly critical for leaders to prioritize the really big sustainability questions of our time as well. These global issues tie back to institution survival, but also on a more optimistic note, institutions’ ongoing success.

Educational institutions have a pivotal role to play in leading positive change in climate efforts by inspiring the next generation of stewards for the planet and incorporating environmental best practices into plans for institution success.

Higher Ed Can Lead

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By: Philip Bartey, CEO of Autism Plus

For the second year in a row, we’re still celebrating Autism Awareness Month during a global pandemic. Given the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, it is even more important for us this year to ensure that we are spreading more awareness, understanding, and acceptance of autism and neurodiversity.

By sharing the stories and achievements of people with autism, we aim to help people understand the impact of autism and offer meaningful ways to be better, more supportive co-workers.

Employee at Autism Plus’ social enterprise, Park House Barns Chocolate Factory

Since the lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting here in the U.K. and in other parts of the world after a year of working from home for many employees, we asked some of the individuals that we support what they were worried about when it comes to going back to the workplace. Most of the responses … Read more