Once a year, the global nonprofit community comes together to collaborate, share best practices, and connect at Dreamforce. This year, the focus is on building unique experiences to drive mission impact.

Dreamforce welcomed trailblazers of all sizes in the nonprofit sector, including International Justice Mission, UNICEF Australia, Canadian Cancer Society, Autism Plus, and more to share their stories and speak at the event’s global mainstage and in breakout sessions — all of which are available to watch with a free Salesforce+ account.

How International Justice Mission is Using Salesforce to Drive Impact

During the keynote, International Justice Mission (IJM) shared how they’re using technology to deliver on their 2030 Strategic Vision which maps out a plan for rescuing millions, protecting half a billion, and bringing justice for those in poverty. A big component of the vision is to use technology to transform the struggle of justice … Read more

Consider the various ways you might describe yourself: parent, sibling, college grad, writer, activist, baker. Few of us define ourselves by the structures we live in. So why do we call people experiencing housing instability “homeless”? Their housing status is no more representative of who they are than it is for someone who rents an apartment or owns a house. And there are more than 500,000 people in America experiencing housing instability on any given night.

Many of them live in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, which ranks among the most expensive cities in the United States, with average downtown home prices exceeding $1 million. It also has one of the highest rates of people experiencing homelessness in the country. And while the issue of stable housing isn’t unique to the Bay Area, as a region that’s home to global companies like Levi’s, Facebook, Uber, Apple, and yes, Salesforce, it … Read more

Over the last 18 months, education institutions of all sizes have leaned into their missions and values and innovated like never before to ensure the success of students, faculty, and staff. As we sit at this pivotal moment, we have an opportunity to apply an entirely new mindset by thinking about the student experience not as separate solutions for every problem, but as an opportunity to create a single source of truth across experiences that will empower proactive and equitable support for every student. This is our moment to ensure that students are not only seen, heard, and valued, but also uplifted.

At Salesforce.org, we continue to focus on customer-driven innovation and our purpose-built products, and I am excited to share some news about one of those products — Advisor Link.

Globally, institutions of all types are using Advisor Link for academic advising, and increasingly for new use cases like … Read more

By: Mary Phillips, Head of Garden for Wildlife at the National Wildlife Federation

Plant with a purpose to help wildlife, people, and the planet.

Sourdough starter. A new furry family member. A bevy of new plants adorning the house-turned-virtual-office. During the COVID-19 lockdown, when companions and new hobbies became a focal point for millions of people, these were some of the most popular go-tos for those looking to make the most of their quarantined time at home. And while we’re big fans of both sourdough bread and four-legged pets, native plants are kinda our thing at the National Wildlife Federation.

As America’s largest and most trusted conservation organization since our founding in 1936, we were pretty thrilled by this new interest in plants and home gardens. In fact, at the onset of the pandemic, Garden for Wildlife saw a 50% increase in participation for our programs and a five-fold … Read more

At Salesforce our vision has always been to ensure that everyone has equal access to quality education, a meaningful career, and the opportunity to reach their full potential. One of our focus areas in Philanthropy is workforce development. Far too many people from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds are overlooked for training and career opportunities despite being filled with drive, intelligence, and potential. Let’s zoom in on Israel; together with our partner, Tsofen, we are looking to ensure untapped talent can build social capital and achieve economic prosperity.

Salesforce employees have been supporting Tsofen for the past four years. Employees volunteer their time with local Arab Israeli youth (16-24 years old) preparing them for higher education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and successful careers in the technology sector after their schooling ends. This initiative has been made possible through collaboration with Tsofen, a local nonprofit … Read more