We’re thrilled to announce that the second Salesforce.org Impact Lab will focus on driving equity in education. This Impact Lab will support learners on nontraditional pathways from underrepresented minorities as they navigate post-secondary education and move into the workforce. 

Building on the momentum from our inaugural Impact Lab, which just launched a new app to help combat homelessness, this new Impact Lab will bring together subject matter experts from across sectors to advance equity in post-secondary education.

As a collaborative initiative aimed at developing innovative technology solutions that address complex social issues, Impact Labs combines the expertise of leaders from the nonprofit and education sectors with the power of Salesforce technology and pro bono talent. In taking risks, thinking outside the box, and designing creative solutions, Impact Labs aims to address some of the world’s greatest needs.

Our second cohort of Impact Labs Community Fellows will focus on driving equity
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For mission-driven organizations, embracing a digital-first approach to fundraising and constituent engagement is more important than ever.

“27% of nonprofits with high digital maturity exceed fundraising goals during the pandemic, compared to organizations with low digital maturity only 7% exceeding their goals.” –3rd Edition of the Nonprofit Trends Report.

Following our webinar on “5 Digital-First Fundraising Strategies”, this is the first post in a series of in-depth looks at how technology is helping nonprofit teams succeed in real-time by transforming how they reach donors, run programs, and report impact.

Embracing a digital-first approach to fundraising and constituent engagement is more important than ever.

What’s an Ask Ladder?

An ask ladder, also known as a giving ladder, is a set of suggested donation amounts commonly found on a donation page. It provides donors an easy, one-click process to donate at a predetermined donation amount. When designed effectively, … Read more

The year has barely started, but nonprofits are well into planning, strategizing, and executing on plans for 2021. As the world continues to struggle with the ongoing pandemic, delivery of healthcare and vaccines, flagging economies, and political instability, the work nonprofits are doing — and the successful execution of plans designed to maximize impact — is increasingly critical.

When it comes to engagement, these global concerns will continue to drive supporter behavior. And while it would be ideal to plan for the year as though things will resolve quickly, having a strategy in place that accounts for unforeseen events is a good course of action when so much is still uncertain.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the strongest trends we’re seeing so far this year as nonprofits prepare for the healing, rebuilding, and unknowns of 2021.

Supporter experience is the fuel that powers a good supporter journey.


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By: Orvin T. Kimbrough, Chairman & CEO at Midwest BankCentre

Corporate purpose is often conflated with a company’s mission statement. While they’re similar in that they both offer a unifying framework by which a company operates, corporate purpose goes deeper than its more surface-level counterpart. For me and my team at Midwest BankCentre, corporate purpose sits at the core of our value space and our customer-centric strategy, and it provides clarity when it’s seemingly missing — it’s our North Star. Ultimately, corporate purpose is about tapping into and unleashing the soul power of a company.

Corporate purpose is about tapping into and unleashing the soul power of a company.

1. Corporate Purpose Must Start at the Top

When corporate purpose starts at the top of the organization, it has a way of disseminating throughout your organization and into the communities we serve. Corporate purpose helps us cut through the clutter … Read more

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, more than half a million people experience homelessness in the United States each year. This number is only rising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic hit, it was no surprise that when the Impact Labs team held an open call for social challenges that our community would like to tackle together, housing and homelessness was at the top of the list.

That’s why Impact Labs brought together a team of Community Fellows and Salesforce employee volunteers to work together to investigate ways technology could alleviate friction for people experiencing homelessness and strengthen the work of the service providers and organizations that support them. Salesforce.org Impact Labs believes that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum and requires cross-sector collaboration, which is why we put together this incredible cohort to collaborate on tackling such a complex issue.

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