While the definition of a “nontraditional student” varies, we can agree that the number of students who fit into this broad category is on the rise. In fact, students described as “nontraditional,” such as adult learners, parents, and individuals working full-time, now outnumber “traditional” students who enter higher education directly after high school.

With student backgrounds and circumstances varying immensely, education institutions are tasked with finding new ways to support holistic student success and advance equity in education

Through Salesforce.org Impact Labs, Community Fellows from across sectors are working to co-design a solution to support Black and Latinx learners on nontraditional pathways as they navigate postsecondary education and move into the workforce. Dr. Glenda Evans, assistant professor and chair of the department of business administration at Hampton University, and Dr. Beatriz Joseph, vice chancellor of student success at Dallas College, are two of the Community Fellows … Read more

By: Richard Beighton, Chief of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, UNICEF India

India has become the first country to report more than 400,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day. Although as a percentage of total population this is much lower than many other countries, a devastating second wave of COVID-19 is surging, and the country is facing acute shortages of medical oxygen and hospital beds. On average, there were more than four new cases every second and nearly three deaths every minute in the last 24 hours.

Despite being the world’s biggest producer of vaccines, the country is also suffering a shortage, which is hampering the roll-out of vaccines to younger people. Although over 160 million shots have been given, almost 32 million of these were second vaccines, meaning that only 10% of India’s 1.3 billion people have had at least one vaccine. At the current rate, it may take … Read more

By: Laura Croft, VP of Advancement at the CDC Foundation

I recently had the chance to participate and present at Salesforce.org’s Nonprofit Summit, a virtual gathering that brought nearly 8,000 changemakers from over 90 countries to discuss the future of the nonprofit sector. Attendees and speakers spanned early careers to executives, representing organizations big and small. Despite not being able to gather in person, the excitement for our future was palpable.

Across the keynotes, breakouts, and roundtables, the conversation focused on where we all stand with moving our organizations to a more agile, efficient, and impactful future. In the past year especially, mission-driven organizations have accelerated their use of technology to pivot just about everything about their organizations online — from program operations, to marketing communications, fundraising, reporting, and forecasting.

Truth is, our sector has been behind on adopting leading digital trends even before the pandemic. It will take … Read more

By: Devi Thomas, VP of Marketing Communications at Salesforce.org; and Frida Berry Eklund, Founder of Our Kids’ Climate

This Mother’s Day, I find myself pondering how much my kids have actually taught me. Even as a child, I was always drawn to all the great causes out there. But now, as a mom to two boys, my kids have shown me the well-paved path to a lifestyle of accidental activism. From planting trees to cleaning parks, eating less meat and reusing plastics, my kids are real examples of living a values-based existence day to day so we can all do better for each other and the world.

I believe that our children’s generation is key to creating lasting change in equality, justice, climate change, and human rights. We need to involve them, learn from them, and do better ourselves in protecting them. And I know Frida Berry Eklund, the founder … Read more

To support education institutions, Esor Consulting Group, a Salesforce.org Equality Partner, and HBCUforce, are helping to train and hire underrepresented minorities in IT. The tech industry’s market and growth potential, including the CRM and cloud computing verticals, offer a point of entry into careers that are underrepresented by people of color. This critical work is changing lives and generations to come. 

Esor and Salesforce.org are committed to opening the doors of opportunity so that everyone has equal access to a quality education, meaningful career, and prosperous future. Student success is critical to building a better future for all.

The tech industry’s market and growth potential offer a point of entry into careers
that are underrepresented by people of color.

As inequalities have grown during the global COVID-19 pandemic and new challenges have emerged for schools to equitably and holistically support their students, we feel a sense of … Read more