Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges exist everywhere, and most businesses aim to be fair in the areas they control — hiring, promotions, and pay. But they stop short of trying to actually solve the problems that create these challenges in the first place. We believe, however, that businesses are uniquely positioned to help solve these problems — and not just in the areas they control. Businesses have the power and the resources to do way more than they’ve been doing — and likely way more than HR and CSR leaders ever thought possible.

A recent Salesforce-sponsored webinar, How to Bring Systemic Change to DEI Challenges, included three speakers: Alexandra Siegel, a Salesforce specialist who leads the company’s equality content and enablement team; Iris Ivana Grant, Founder and CEO of The Genési Group; and myself as the moderator. We discussed the state of today’s world, as well as a … Read more

Salesforce is a platform that can transform the way an organization conducts business. It can streamline tracking and reporting processes, enhance communication with donors and constituents, and consolidate necessary information. However, it is important to remember that the software is a tool. You have to learn how to use it to its full potential to get the maximum benefit!

To make the transition to using Salesforce as seamless as possible, it’s always helpful to learn tips from other organizations in their use of Salesforce. Each year, we speak with a group of customers who represent the diversity of region, size, and experience among our customers. We asked them many questions, and honed in on what it took for them to be successful. Here are their top four tips for getting the most out of the Salesforce platform.

To get the most out of Salesforce, your organization will need to know
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As nonprofit marketers and fundraisers begin their end-of-year giving campaigns, quickly creating personalized, data-driven content has never been more important. The newly-launched Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits from Salesforce.org is designed to help nonprofits of all sizes build constituent-first communications fast.

Building effective marketing campaigns is especially critical for smaller nonprofits, which have unfortunately been hit the hardest by the pandemic and experienced a decline in annual donations. As nonprofits look to make up for revenue lost, as well as take their engagement and giving to new heights, digital tools present new opportunities to reach new audiences and deepen relationships with existing supporters.

To learn how nonprofits of all sizes are approaching this end-of-year giving season, we asked leaders at, (RED), Conservation Volunteers Australia, 92nd Street Y, and 412 Food Rescue to share their tips and tools for engaging constituents.

The newly-launched Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits is
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Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow – Andrew Fragias

This demo video walks through an example of Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow – Andrew Fragias.

To provide a full view of what interactions your team is having with related Accounts create a record triggered flow that will help display the Opportunities related to child accounts

Key Features: Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow Using Record Trigger Flow and Used Before Save record triggered Flow to assign/identify the child account opportunity.

Here Used following Salesforce Flow Resources & Elements to achieve Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow

  • Record Triggered Flow (Opportunity Object, Before the record is saved run flow)
  • Used Decision (To identify the Account has Parent Account)
  • Assignment (Update Parent Account Using Assignment)
  • Test & Demo from Opportunity records

Create Opportunity Teams based on Tasks using record Read more

My years in teaching allowed me to play a part in helping young people achieve their life purpose through education. As a teacher in the U.K.’s further education sector, I wore the dual hat of teacher and personal tutor everyday. The aspect of my job that kept me up at night during those years was never the teaching itself. Rather, it was being responsible for the holistic care of my students. Was I helping them to feel connected to the institution? Did I make them feel cared about? Was I doing everything I could to help them explore their passions and help them to be successful?

This is the daily work of advisors, coaches, and support staff. It is no secret that advisors can help students feel connected to their institution and help them navigate the path to success. In fact, an impactful strategy for engaging students in purposeful discussion … Read more