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What were our top B2B content marketing articles of the year?

Content encompasses nearly everything we read, watch, or listen to, and as our CEO Lee Odden said years ago, it’s also represents a significant part of the reason the need for search technology began in the first place.

We’re proud of the continued content marketing successes our team of marketers at TopRank Marketing have achieved during another challenging year, for a wide-range of major B2B clients. As 2022 draws ever closer, we wanted to take time to share our top content marketing articles of the year — each filled with insights, best practices, research, examples, and a look towards the future.

We’re also fortunate to have a wealth of talented B2B marketing professionals contributing to the TopRank B2B Marketing blog — which celebrates its 19th year this month.

This collection of our top 10 content marketing posts of the … Read more

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Nothing sends up red flags faster than someone saying “Trust me.” It’s the same as “Honestly, I swear, it’s the truth!” You can’t build trust by demanding it — the more you talk about it, the less credible you sound.

Building trust takes continued action over time. It’s always a work in progress and it’s incredibly fragile.

Brands need to work on building that credibility with their audiences. In the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer report, 53% of respondents ranked trust as a deciding factor in purchase decisions, second only to affordability. The report also found trust is a crucial indicator for customer loyalty, with half of respondents saying it played a major role.

But here’s the challenge: less than half of those surveyed — in 11 countries across the globe — said they trust major brands. 

As content marketers, we should be helping build that relationship. And there’s good Read more

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Allow me one more scary story, even though Halloween is over…

Once there was a marketer who created an eBook with content from ten respected influencers in their industry. The marketer released the eBook, sent an email to notify the contributors…

And not one of them shared the content. Without amplification, the content was dead on arrival, and some say it haunts the marketer’s office to this very day…

Whew! Spooky story, right? One of the big benefits of influencer marketing should be built-in amplification of the content. 

But influencers don’t always hold up their end of the bargain. Fortunately, there are a few things that B2B content marketers can do throughout the content co-creation process to help influencers follow through on amplification. 

5 Tips for Social Influencer Amplification

Before you even choose influencers for your project, you can start strategizing for maximum amplification. Here are my top tips in Read more

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Where is B2B content marketing headed in 2022 and beyond?

Continuing an impressive and time-tested marketing tradition, the recently-released twelfth annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends research report from Content Marketing Institute (CMI), MarketingProfs, and ON24 offers up a bountiful array of insights for B2B content marketers, and helps us answer this key question and several others.

The 54-page 2021 edition provides a comprehensive look at how some of the top content marketers have been making an impact and achieving success during the past year, even with the unprecedented challenges we’ve all faced.

B2B content marketing is growing in importance, scope, and adoption by organizations of all sizes, and is poised to see further expansion in 2022 and beyond, as we’ll examine.

Let’s take a look at some of the insights and revelations from the research data that you can take action on and use today in your … Read more

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B2B marketers, ready for some TRUTH BOMBS?

Here we go: We need to make our content more human and more empathetic. B2B content doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, it can’t be boring and be effective. B2B buyers are just people — we need to talk to them like people.

Are you blown away by the depth and breadth of my insight? Ready to book me at your next marketing conference?

Okay, all sarcasm aside: We all have heard the old “B2Me” speech a dozen times. I’m not here to give it to you again.

Instead, I want to get deeper into the specifics of what it means to be empathetic and provide value with content.

I say this because, despite the hours of keynote speeches on the topic, B2B marketers are still coming up short. In a recent poll, 79% of buyers surveyed said they were served irrelevant Read more