LG revealed specs on its latest work of art. Causing a stir in the TV lovers’ worlds. This new TV at 325 inches is one of the largest TVs that will hit the market. The size of this TV will fill an entire wall in your home. In fact, judging by the pictures the Korean firm released, you’ll probably need a new mansion to fit it in.

This epic cinema display features a pin-sharp 8K panel that uses millions of direct-view LEDs to display your nightly dose of Netflix, Prime or Disney+. Along with needing a very big home, you’re also going to need plenty of cash in the bank with some reports suggesting it will cost a cool $1.7million to have one yourself. 

That’s around £1.25million and makes LG’s £100,000 rollable telly, which folds away when you’re finished with it, look like an absolute bargain.

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In the six months to August, Tesco said it “outperformed” the grocery sector but also flagged that the sales surge could now start to “fall away”. However, this would still mean stronger profits growth this year than was first thought, a Tesco statement said.

The industry-wide impact of supply chain problems also seemed less severe. Ken Murphy, chief executive of Tesco, said: “With various different challenges currently affecting the industry, the resilience of our supply chain and the depth of our supplier partnerships has once again been shown to be a key asset.”

He also noted that, on a conference call with journalists, that there “will be bumps in the road in the run-up to Christmas. We’re seeing our share of challenges”. Nevertheless, Mr Murphy said Tesco was “in good shape for Christmas”, adding that he believed the company’s resilience was due to its “long-standing partnerships with suppliers”.

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Amazon is expanding its presence on the High Street by opening its first non-food store in the UK – Amazon 4-Star. The shop is located in the Bluewater shopping mall near Dartford. Amazon will sell around 2,000 of its most popular and best-rated products there.

The name chosen for the store, Amazon 4-star, was chosen because every item stocked has been given more than four stars by customers. This will be the first Amazon 4-star store outside the US, where there are already more than 30 outlets.

The range of products, which takes in books, consumer electronics, toys, games and homeware, reflects what Amazon customers are buying online. There’s a “Most Wished For” section, for instance, showing the most popular products from customers’ wish lists. Digital price tags are used to ensure the prices are the same in-store and online. Shoppers don’t need to have an Amazon account to use Read more

London Electric Cars is a company founded in 2017 by Matthew Quitter. A man on a mission to help save old fuel guzzlers from the scrapheap by converting them to battery power.  Typically, the conversions are completed by using parts from crashed EVs, such as Teslas and Nissan Leafs, that have been written off by insurance firms but have motors and batteries that are not damaged. “We’re the ultimate recycling,” expresses Mr Quitter.

The firm currently charges around £20,000 per conversion, the cars may be kind to the planet, but could be considered to burn a hole in your back pocket. The company says it aims to drive the cost down to £5,000 to make it affordable for more people, which should encourage more to make positive changes to their vehicles.

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SkyUp Airlines, one of the youngest low-cost airlines in Europe, but one of the biggest in Ukraine, has now decided to replace the old uniform from next month with a far more comfortable alternative. It isn’t the first in Europe to do so, but for Ukrainians it is a sign that some of the old traditions are being swept away.

Switching from heels, pencil skirts and tight blouses, to loose jackets and trousers and… you guessed it, trainers!

“Twelve hours on your feet, flying from Kyiv to Zanzibar and back. If you wear high heels, you are hardly able to walk afterwards,” says flight attendant Daria Solomennaya, 27. “That includes four hours of security checks and cleaning.”

When SkyUp surveyed its crews, it turned out that its female employees had had enough of the company uniform. So, out go the high heels, skirts and tight blouses, in come trainers, loose Read more