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Company SummaryAt GuidePost Marketing, we help small businesses use powerful storytelling as the foundation for clear, simple, and effective marketing campaigns that let business owners focus on what they do best – delivering amazing experiences for their customers.

My original small business (The Dojo) has created marketing campaigns using the material in Lab that allowed us to grow from $0 to $500k in revenue in just 3 years. Since starting my own marketing business, I constantly implement Lab materials and have been able to grow an email list of nearly 1,000 within 6 months and will hit 6 figures in revenue in my first year, with no employees.

When I joined DM Lab, I was trying to find a way to do all the marketing I needed to do for my own small business. I knew everything I needed to … Read more

Olympic ratings are down by almost 42% since the 2016 Olympics. 19.5 million viewers tuned in to the Olympics on Thursday, to put this into perspective 96.4 million viewers tuned into the US Super Bowl in 2021. 

The Haps

1. COVID – We are still at the height of a pandemic, the findings of the Delta and Gamma variants have led multiple countries back into lock down to prevent the spreading. Two members of the Ugandan team were detected with the Delta variant. Yet the show goes on, putting members of every country involved at risk. Though it looks like if Japan chose to cancel the Olympics for this, they would owe the International Olympics Committee around $30 billion. 

2. Cable – With Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOMax, and more who needs an expensive cable subscription? We can now stream almost anything we want, at any time, we as a society … Read more

Website visitors are fickle. There, I said it. The majority of people entering your website will very likely leave without taking the action you want them to take.

There are tons of factors that drive people away from your website, whether it’s an unappealing message, poor design, difficult-to-use navigation, a confusing checkout process, or unexpected shipping costs.

Keeping visitors engaged with your brand after they leave your site is incredibly important.

[Enter stage left] – Retargeting ads.

Retargeting is a key tactic for bringing visitors back to your site to complete their purchases or inquire about your services.

This post walks you through various forms of retargeting ads, why they’re useful for your business, and how much you should allocate to your retargeting ad campaigns.

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You’ve waited long enough. Whether you’re a marketing firm owner, small business owner, or marketing professional, it’s time to address the elephant in the room: everything concerning digital marketing is expanding and evolving, and you DON’T want to get left behind.

One of the most obvious indicators is digital ad spending. While it only shot up 2.4% in 2020, it’s expected to shoot up 17% in 2021 to $389 billion (Source: eMarketer). To put that number in perspective, the global spend on ALL advertising was $657 billion in 2020 (Source: Magna).

Even so, many people still resist digital marketing personally, professionally, and within their businesses (and possibly even their marketing firms).

If you’ve been “interneting” even a little bit, you’re probably familiar with this meme:

Super funny! However, did you know that this is just the first part of the comic? In the original, the dog’s face … Read more

Implementing the blue ocean strategy within your business is a proven way to keep it profitable by reducing competition. Even if you’re operating in a niche market, it is likely that as your business has grown, you have faced increased competition. As other businesses begin eating into your customer base — and your profits — utilizing the blue ocean strategy can help you pivot.

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What is the blue ocean strategy?

The term “Blue Ocean Strategy” was coined in 2005 by Professors W. Chan Kim and Rénee Mauborgne. It involves entering a market space with little to no competition rather than trying to compete for customers in an increasingly crowded market.

Understanding red ocean strategy Read more