One of the best ways to build your online network, is by leaving comments that add value on other people’s posts.

What do I mean by leaving a comment that “adds value”?

Comments like “Nice post!” and “Really enjoyed it!” don’t add anything to a post, content-wise.

I’m not saying they don’t have value– they do. They’re kind, they’re supportive, they’re appreciated– but they’re not likely to engage the author or other readers.

A comment that contributes to the discussion, however, adds value.

When you leave such a comment, you’re providing additional content. You’re sharing your own expertise or experience, and making the post stronger and more comprehensive.

Such comments get special attention– from the author and from other readers.

By leaving an “added-value” comment, you’re drawing attention to yourself as someone worth knowing.

The author may reach out to you, so may other readers, asking to connect. Perhaps you’ll … Read more

In March of 2020, Reneé Boudakian, co-founder and owner of Rubicon Marketing and DM Certified Partner, found herself in the same situation you did. 

Wondering if her business would be able to ride out this unpredicted storm. 

It turns out that her business was not only able to survive, but it became a better version of itself. In 90 days, Reneé was able to secure $100,000 from offers that didn’t even exist at the start of 2020.

Yes—you read that right. The offers she launched to have a 6-figure quarter weren’t even part of her business pre-pandemic. Using the Customer Value Journey and 2 essential questions, Reneé was able to maneuver through the end of 2020 with a strategy we’re excited to share with you.

Before Reneé put the Customer Value Journey to work, her agency’s offer was to implement and build out individual Infusionsoft campaigns on spec in … Read more

What does your brand stand for? Peace and equality? Laughter and love? Fitness and health? Innovation and efficiency? Whatever you’re trying to promote to your target audience can be enhanced by incorporating mixed reality (MR) into your marketing mix.

Mixed reality can expand your consumer base, keep them engaged, and skyrocket your brand into the digital age, landing in the top position in your market. Not only will implementing mixed reality experiences give you a competitive edge, but it will also become your key to survival.

The global market size of mixed reality is estimated to increase from $47 million in 2018 to over $3.7 billion by 2025 (Statista). Needless to say, the future is looking increasingly technological and we as consumers, will demand to take part in these digital experiences. As MR technology continues to roll out, the costs associated with MR marketing will fall, and digital-reality marketing … Read more

Black History Month was started by Carter G. Woodson as Negro History Week in 1926 and centered on two main ideas: recognition and importance. As Woodson said, “Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” To celebrate Black History Month this February, we reached out to some of our staff, recent contributors, and favorite marketers to talk about their careers and some of their favorite people in Black history.

Shondell Varcianna

Founder and CEO, Varci Media


Was born in Canada. My mom is from Jamaica and dad is from Ghana.

I started working in the banking industry in 1998 at BMO Bank of Montreal. I worked in several different positions, including being a mortgage loan originator, where I underwrote million-dollar mortgages per week and exceeded weekly targets by 130%. During my time at CMHC, … Read more

Seems like such a silly thing to say these days. Of course, marketing has to be customer-centric. Or am I assuming too much? I think I might just be.

After all, why would so many companies, B2B and B2C, be creating so much noise that clearly doesn’t have the customer’s needs in mind?

We’ve been doing this podcast series called the Wellspring Digital Chat since the start of this pandemic. It’s the Perfect Pandemic Podcast! ALLITERATION!

Sorry, it’s been a long day, week, month, year. But isn’t that the point? People are stressed. There’s no shortage of anxiety and fear to go around, and still some marketers see the need to bombard people with noise. Why?

Good question. Sorry, tangent. Back to my point…

Empathy and Zach Messler’s Favorite Word, Authenticity

Anyway, on the podcast, the word “empathy” comes up again and again. My most recent guest, Zach Read more