Point-of-purchase marketing is messaging delivered to customers after they’ve already stepped inside your store. When you have a brick-and-mortar location, the majority of your marketing efforts aim to get people in the door. That’s a worthy task, but it’s not enough to capitalize on conversions.

Research shows common reasons customers leave stores without buying anything:

  • Couldn’t find the product they came for (67%)
  • Product wasn’t available or in stock (66%)
  • Long checkout lines (51%)
  • Customer service or lack thereof (39%)

What can you do to make sure browsing shoppers don’t leave empty-handed? Enter point-of-purchase marketing.

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What is point-of-purchase marketing?

Simply put, point-of-purchase marketing entices customers to buy something they didn’t know they needed or wanted. It’s an effective tool that you may notice many stores using … Read more

Have you ever purchased something on an impulse simply because of an ‘only two remaining’ message? Or because that 60% off expires in just a few hours?

The majority of us have. And it’s not always because we needed or wanted the item. So, why?

People always want what they can’t have. It’s human nature. People fear missing out aka, FOMO, and that is precisely what motivates them to act. So, how can you employ this into a business strategy to help your company grow?

Easily actually. However, this strategy isn’t for every business but can be pretty successful when done correctly.

Follow me, and I’m going to take you through what scarcity marketing is, why it works, and how to apply it to your business.

What is Scarcity Marketing?

Scarcity marketing is a marketing technique based on the principle that people want what is difficult to obtain. It includes … Read more

The true beauty of a Fractional CMO is that, by their very definition, they become exactly what your organization needs them to be. If your company needs marketing leadership but can’t financially or practically support a full-time CMO, then a fractional role is your answer. If you’ve recently had to downsize due to budget cuts and are missing crucial marketing leadership, then a Fractional CMO is your answer. And, if you simply aren’t in a position to employ a full marketing team but you’re ready to scale your company to the point where you can employ a full marketing team… You guessed it: a Fractional CMO is your answer.

In fact, any way you look at the problem, a Fractional CMO is the solution. That’s because an outsourced CMO can supplement your current marketing team in multiple and varied ways—all depending on what your organization specifically needs. Let’s examine … Read more

Several years ago, I tried to open one of these newfangled online banking accounts. Seemed so simple. STOP. Seemed so logical. STOP. Seemed so straightforward. STOP. Despite my best efforts as a reasonably tech-savvy person (not as good as my husband or my 23-year-old, but pretty good), I abandoned ship after about the seventh step, and I was nowhere near getting an online account. I appreciate the need for information (especially for a bank account), and the various legal disclaimers that are required, but the claim of a “1-2-3” process here was false advertising at its most extreme.

And while I think it’s easy to blame government regulation and legalese, some of the information was clearly requested to enable further marketing efforts down the line. Hey, I’m a marketer, I get it. But common sense dictates you get to know someone before you take a deep dive into their personal … Read more

If there was a way to hire professionally-trained salespeople that knew your products inside and out and could relate to your customers like none of your other employees could—would you hire them?

The answer is yes…a loud, confident “Where can I sign up?!”.

Well, it’s easier than you might think to sign up for this kind of program. You don’t need to hire any salespeople or put together an onboarding program. All you need to do is realize that your best salespeople are right under your nose.

They’re using your product as you read this. It’s your customers. 

With an affiliate marketing program, you can have your customers become your brand advocates and promoters. They’ll happily talk to their friends, family, and online audience about your products. All you need to do is give them an incentive to show why buying your products or services is the best way … Read more