We’re all in (responsibly, of course) on our Facebook ads, because they work. Facebook might not be your first thought when you think of B2B marketing (ahem, LinkedIn and Twitter), but your B2B audience is on there. What are they doing on Facebook?

They’re checking out photos of their nieces and putting a heart on the photo of their colleague’s new puppy.

Our audience has nieces and friends with puppies. That’s why Facebook works for us (and will work for you too). We’re running awareness and conversion campaigns to an audience Facebook has helped us build.

We have 160 ads that have surfed the Facebook algorithm, and we’re watching companies like Slack, Asana, and Monday crank up their awareness using the platform.

The question is… what does a Facebook ad technique for B2B actually look like? 

→ What type of campaigns should you set up?

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Let’s talk numbers. When it comes to deciding how much of your advertising budget should go to Facebook ads, we refuse to give you general advice.

We don’t want to tell you that 5% of your budget needs to be allocated to Zuckerberg’s pocket. 

What you give Zuck depends on what you can afford and what your business goals are. That’s where the numbers will come in.

We’re going to take you through marketing formulas that will tell you personally how much money you should spend on Facebook ads. These are the same formulas you can use when your Facebook advertising budget is $100 per week to when you grow to spend $10,000+ per week (don’t you dare let imposter syndrome tell you that you can’t!).

It’s all in the numbers, and we’re going to show you which numbers below.

Marketing Formulas to Figure Out Your Facebook Ad Budget

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It’s the 21st century, people! And while that doesn’t (yet) mean that we are driving flying cars or having robot children, it does mean that we need to step up our Facebook ads game. The industry is quickly evolving, and it can be stressful trying to keep up. Good thing DigitalMarketer is here to help you stay up with the times by showing you our favorite Facebook video ads of 2020. 

Marketing is changing. Facebook is changing. Therefore, Facebook marketing is changing too. One notable trend is the move toward video ads and away from stills and carousels.  

Why Advertise with Videos? 

Obviously, there is the aesthetic and engagement factor. Videos are eye-catching. You’ve heard the phrase “bigger is better,” but we reckon that “moving is better” too! 

Aside from that, videos are more valuable pieces of content than simple graphics. Why is that? Well, for starters, Apple’s iOS … Read more

When was the last time you updated your Facebook advertising strategy? Unless the answer is “I just did,” you need to read this.

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing out there, but it’s not easy. Between massive amounts of competition and the ability (and responsibility) to constantly refine your ads by reviewing loads of metrics, it’s tempting to simply “set it and forget it” after you establish your initial strategy. Don’t do that!

Facebook advertising is changing and so are your customers’ expectations. Here we’ll give you three new concepts to supercharge your current strategy.

Even with the big iOS 14 update, Facebook continues to be one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies. With that in mind, anytime there is a major change to a platform, it’s time for every business to do a little strategy refresh…

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After 67 years, menswear retailer Harry Rosen may have finally created the most versatile shirt ever… virtually, at least. In time for Father’s Day, the brand launched a clothing innovation for WFH dads who suffered a long year stuck in countless video calls. The Harry Rosen ‘Green Screen Shirt’ adapts to any occasion. This limited-edition cotton button-down is green-screen-green — a specific shade that unlocks unlimited color and pattern possibilities on video chats.

How it works is simple. By hitting the green screen checkbox on Zoom and then choosing a pattern, wearers can change the design of their shirt within seconds. It uses Zoom’s built-in green screen functionality in a new way to bring some much-needed variety to dad’s millionth meeting.

The ‘Green Screen Shirt’ was the center of a Father’s Day giveaway on Harry Rosen’s Instagram. Lucky dads who received the shirt had access to a variety of exclusive … Read more