Content marketing is a lot of work. The days of writing an impressive blog article, hitting publish, and watching your page views skyrocket no longer exist. You could write the best article to ever grace the internet and still get less than 100 views.

Queue content marketing tools.

These tools can make your content look like you’re an enterprise business (even if you’re a one-person team) and give you all the data you need to get the traffic and conversions that scale your business.

From graphic design tools, content ideation platforms, and analytics—check out the top 9 content marketing tools of 2021 below.


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The first thing you’ll read after creating your Canva account are the two words you see above: Design Anything. Canva’s not kidding. With their full suite of graphic design tools, content marketers can make high-quality, on-brand graphics … Read more

Content marketing is a curious beast. On the one hand you must have quality information that is both needed and wanted by your audience. On the other hand, you need LOTS of it. How can you affordably handle this dichotomy?

You need to create a river of content.

Creating a river means producing multiple supporting streams of content that reinforce the overall flow and volume of information online.

Each page of your website has value and search engine potential, including the primary categories, sub-categories, and individual pages; if you can connect each one, guiding the visitor from one element to the next, you can create a river of information that will keep them engaged and interested. Easy-peasy!

Not really that easy, at least at first. The goal is to create both basic and complex pieces of content that will allow you to backlink back and forth. This will help you … Read more

Is it possible to spend zero dollars on advertising and organically grow an online business using nothing but content marketing? That’s exactly what I did, and then I sold it… all 1,500 website pages and 10,000+ pictures, graphics, and videos.

Should your business be employing content marketing? The truth is, you are going to have to. Not only is your audience excepting a richer experience with your brand, your marketing competition is investing heavily in the method. We’re talking 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers incorporating content marketing into their overall marketing strategy.

Before you jump on the wagon, you need to understand the differences between content marketing and paid advertising, and believe me, they’re very different.

I Built & Sold My Business Using Nothing But Content Marketing

Content marketing was the primary method I used to build and sell my fitness business, My Mad Methods. In … Read more

Peloton got canceled.

One and a half years later, it invested $400 million into building its own manufacturing facility in Ohio. The at-home workout equipment company even had Mark Zuckerberg using their product as his example explaining the use case of VR

“Think about it like Peloton, where you have a subscription, but instead the device is VR and you put on your headset, and you’re in this amazing environment and you’re doing a boxing class with an instructor, or a dance class…”

How did the Peloton marketing team go from canceled to getting free promotion from the owner of the world’s largest social media platforms?

By following the basic marketing principles that have been taught for years and mixing them with the available technology of the modern-day.

Peloton Gets Canceled and Then Cancels Themselves

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Did I really learn everything about content marketing from Kim Kardashian? No, but she did introduce me to the value of this relatively new marketing method.

I HAVE absolutely learned tons of amazing content marketing tactics and strategies from brilliant marketers like Ryan Deiss, Jimmy Daly, and Aja Frost. But, bear with me, my pal Kim is actually a pretty brilliant marketer herself, and I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves for the impact she’s made on the content marketing industry. 

Needless to say, Kim and I both think that it’s super important for any business to invest in content marketing. I’ll explain. 

Nickelodeon’s Journey into Content Marketing

To start, we have to go way back in time to the good ole’ days when Kim was palling around the chic streets of Beverly Hills with Paris Hilton, and I was living an equally glamorous life … Read more