Hands holding illustrations of a human brain and heart image.

B2B marketers have been pushing for personalized content for a good long while. Now we’re also trying to humanize content — to make the case that B2B buyers are human beings who want to connect with other humans on an emotional level.

Isn’t it remarkable that we still have to make that argument? 

But I’m not here to write another 1000 words about humanizing content. I want us to take it a step further, beyond personalization, humanization, personality and empathy.

B2B content marketing needs to come from the heart.

True, genuine heart is the last frontier in content. Every brand has an Instagram with behind-the-scenes content to boost authenticity. Every brand is striving to give at least the appearance of sincerity, personality and transparency.

A lot of it is about as deep as the checkout clerk telling you to “have a nice day.” To stand out now, B2B content needs Read more

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already following DigitalMarketer. And if you’re already following DigitalMarketer, you probably already know the importance of exposing yourself to good content and idea pioneers. 

That’s why we set out to refer you to only the best SEO experts. By following these businesses and business leaders, you will get top-notch FREE advice, content, and connections!

Aja Frost, Hubspot

Aja Frost is the Head of English SEO for Hubspot, a $965 million company that develops software products for marketing, sales, and customer service. In addition to managing the SEO efforts of a nearly-billion dollar company, Aja has also written for Fast Company, Newsweek, Time, Mashable, Forbes, USA Today, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur.com. She is also the instructor of DigitalMarketer’s own workshop “The Content Cluster Strategy: Create Content That Drives Traffic And Generates Leads” (you can see it by joining the DigitalMarketer Lab).

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LinkedIn is for everybody—including the world’s fourth-richest person. Bill Gates wrote 5 of the ten most engaging LinkedIn articles in November of 2020. He’s an active user of the platform, sharing essential information answering age-old questions like this:

Yet, did he really sit down at his computer one day and optimize his LinkedIn profile for engagement, follows, and opportunity? We’re sure that job went to his marketing team. 

What happens to the business owners, full-time marketers, freelancers, and CMOs who don’t have a marketing team to lean on to write a top-notch LinkedIn profile?

Instead of flubbing around the edit buttons on each section of your profile like a fish on land—we want to give you a direct line of success to improve your LinkedIn profile instantly.

These tips come from a member of the LinkedIn Advisory Board (and former DigitalMarketer Head of Partnerships!) Marcus Murphy. They’re … Read more

Writing a LinkedIn article or newsletter can be a powerful way for you to show your expertise to your professional network and improve your SEO by showing up searches for that topic. However, so many people write articles on LinkedIn and get limited engagement, and NO conversions. Here are five steps to optimize your LinkedIn article to reach a wider audience and convert.

How This LinkedIn Strategy Changed my Business

LinkedIn has arguably some of the best organic reach when compared to other social media platforms, yet in 2017 I posted regularly and got very low engagement and views. So I spent 2018 posting on LinkedIn and voraciously studying the platform. 

And then, it happened.

I started implementing a very specific regimen on LinkedIn.

  • I went through my process of tuning the LinkedIn feed to give me the best content.
  • I posted following the 5 viral triggers formula.
  • I
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Google makes over 4,500 changes to their algorithm every year.

So it’s fair to say that SEO changes fast. 

Sure, many of the fundamentals of SEO (like optimizing your site’s on-page SEO and building backlinks) haven’t changed that much over the last few years. 

But there are a handful of significant changes to SEO that are worth paying attention to. In fact, ignoring these important changes can hurt your site’s ability to rank in Google.

And in this post I’ll outline 5 SEO changes that might be keeping your site from Google’s first page.

1. Google’s Emphasis on Core Web Vitals

Google has been using page loading speed as part of their algorithm for years.

But in 2021, Google stepped things up with what they call “Core Web Vitals”.

Core Web Vitals are a set of three factors that Google considers important for UX.

In other words: this … Read more