The majority of people in the United States feel underrepresented in media and marketing campaigns, and there is more interest in what brands are doing to address this issue given the social changes that are sweeping the nation. Because of this, diversity marketing is becoming a cornerstone through recognizing and actively including the many different groups of people that come into contact with ad campaigns.

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Although the words ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ create the image of an umbrella covering a wide audience, efforts to diversify marketing strategies must be fine-tuned to target very specific audiences and meet them in the places where they will come into contact with your brand. There are many ways to help your brand begin to effectively embrace the diversity that has gone unnoticed and underappreciated. In this post, we’ll cover three of them:

  1. Diversify your team
  2. Perform market research
  3. Let your customers’ voices be
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Running a business is fraught with risks of all types, from lawsuits to financial collapse. If there is too much risk in your business model, you’ll struggle to stay afloat and you could find you have no option except to close your doors. Often overlooked as businesses put strategies in place to manage risk are the risk emanating from your marketing efforts, such as poor customer service, bad reviews, and product failure. Today, we’ll discuss managing your marketing to avoid some of the risks you face related to customers and other aspects of marketing your business.

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Managing your marketing to reduce the risk of failure

Check out the nifty graphic above showing how a brand should calculate ROI (return on investment). A key element of all your business strategies, supporting the ROI of your marketing efforts is crucial for your growth and success. Make … Read more

How They Work, Examples and Benefits

In a world that’s increasingly reliant on automation, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to chatbots for help with running their companies.

Among consumers, however, chatbots have historically had a poor reputation. They’re remembered for their infancy, when they weren’t very good at conversing in a natural and organic way.

However, things have changed since MSN’s SmarterChild, and now, many of the best marketing ideas include the use of chatbots.

Customers are far less wary of interacting with a chatbot in 2021. A 2018 survey by Drift found 37% of consumers expected to use a chatbot to get quick answers to emergency queries, while 35% expected to use one to resolve a complaint or provide a detailed explanation about something.

2018 State of Chatbots Report - Drift

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Visual content is one of the most effective ways to reach and resonate with your target audience. As humans, we’re hardwired to absorb and recall visual information much more rapidly than text-based content.

The stats back this up: a recent MIT study found that we can correctly identify entire images after viewing them for less than 13 milliseconds.

It’s no wonder that more marketers are harnessing the power of effective visual marketing to boost engagement, inspire brand loyalty and boost conversations on all digital platforms (particularly social media).

But the key to visual marketing success is to understand how to use visual marketing effectively.

In this blog, we’ll reveal our top visual marketing tips, including:

  • Hand picking the best media format to suit your message
  • Serving the right message at the right time
  • Crafting content that solves your audiences’ problems
  • Using bespoke imagery to stand out from the crowd
  • Being
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When was the last time you did some target market analysis? Do you know exactly WHO you’re trying to reach with your services? Have you identified HOW you can help them through their pain points?

Or does this all sound foreign to you?

Knowing your target market is an integral part of running your business. Sure, you can have a solid message but is your target market hearing it? There’s no way to know unless you can identify WHO your market is and how to get your message to them. Without this information, you’re just throwing your message out there and HOPING someone notices and becomes your client. That process is a waste of your valuable time and skills.

You’re not Walmart so don’t try to appeal to the vast population.

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