Events done right are engaging, trackable, replicable, and an incredible way to build your brand.  

Lisa Schulteis, founder of ElectraLime Marketing, is an expert in event management. She helps people run virtual events in order to grow and scale their business, and she loves every minute of it. Her clients learn how to successfully replicate their events again and again, reutilizing assets to expand the reach of their message and grow their particular target market. She specializes in virtual events with high interaction, engagement, and networking opportunities. 

In today’s episode, she sits down with DigitalMarketer President, Mark de Grasse, to talk about what it takes to run an event from start to finish—and then do it all over again.

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  • How often small, medium, and large businesses should hold events
  • Tips for getting a new product in front of clients
  • Which virtual event
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If you put in the time and effort to help your followers take the journey to become superfans, they’ll do your marketing for you. 

Pat Flynn, YouTuber and author of Superfans, says there’s a framework to building superfans, but we lose sight of it because of funnels and automations. We miss out on moments when we can make people feel heard, like they’re being paid attention to. Pat believes in a different way of growing a fan base. In just 9 months, his YouTube channel, Deep Pocket Monster, already had 80k subscribers and was bringing in $7k in revenue a month. Pat would rather have 100 superfans than thousands of subscribers—but he has both.

Listen in as Pat chats with Mark de Grasse about how to make deep connections with your audience in your own unique way.

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  • How to get into a new
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If your business isn’t on TikTok yet, it’s not too late, but you need to move NOW.

TikTok isn’t going anywhere; it’s massive and is only getting bigger. This past week it surpassed YouTube in overall watch time. Every other platform is getting their development from TikTok right now—that’s a good sign you need to be paying attention. 

Social Media Queen Rachel Pedersen might just know TikTok better than anybody out there. In today’s episode, she joins DM President Mark de Grasse to talk about her favorite things about TikTok (simple, easy to pivot, you can test quickly) and why you’ve got to get in NOW while there are still early adopter advantages of untapped potential to go viral. 

Listen in for Rachel’s brilliant advice on getting started on this popular platform and some great tips for continued success.

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  • A simple step-by-step method
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A lot goes into building a high-converting funnel. How would you rate your skills in hooking and converting high-value leads?

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How would you rank your funnel-building skills?

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Online marketing certifications are better than degree programs and college classes because they are up-to-date, led by experienced experts currently executing marketing strategies, and give you the time freedom to be able to start practicing your skills immediately.

Once you’ve found the online marketing certification you’re interested in, you might find yourself hovering over the Buy button wondering—is this actually going to help me?

And that’s why you want to make sure you can confidently answer yes on the above 3 questions because if you can your marketing certification WILL actually help.

Your online marketing certification will:

• Train you in critical marketing tactics/disciplines

• Keep you up-to-date on the latest in marketing

• Build your resume out to impress any prospective employer OR client/customer

• Give you new skills and boost your abilities

• Make you a better marketer

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