Affiliate marketing is the ultimate business flywheel.

It turns your happy customers into salespeople who promote your products and services to their friends, family, and online audience. 

Happy customers → Refer new customers → Become happy customers → Refer new customers

And the flywheel keeps spinning.

The question is, are you ready for an affiliate marketing program? You don’t want to start a program too soon, overwhelming your team or seeing it flop before it can get traction.

To figure out if affiliate marketing is for you, answer these 5 questions before you start putting your program together.

#1: Is your product live yet?

Before you can start your affiliate marketing program, you need a product. You can sell an ecommerce product, SaaS, or a service. All qualify for affiliate marketing, but only once they’ve gone live. Without a product, you don’t have anything for your affiliates to sell.

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Affiliate marketing is a great idea. It’s one of the rare marketing strategies that works for practically every single business. 

→ New business? Affiliate marketing can help you get more customers with low overhead.

→ Established business? Affiliate marketing can turn your customer base into salespeople you don’t have to train.

Affiliate marketing is like your favorite travel friend. They’re no fuss, always have a good time (despite jet lag), and are just there for a great time. With affiliate marketing, you’re only paying for the customers that come your way. You don’t have to pay Zuckerberg for clicks or views. 

You just have to pay once you know you’ve made the sale. What other marketing strategy gives you that type of advantage?

The answer is none, and that’s why affiliate marketing is a great idea.

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Nobody helps people build the life they want and achieve their dreams like the woman Oprah called “the thought leader of the next generation.”

In today’s episode, Marcus Murphy sits down to talk with renowned marketer and business mentor, Marie Forleo. Marie is an entrepreneur, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and host of the award-winning show MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast, with millions of adoring fans worldwide. Marie firmly believes that each person’s uniqueness is what makes them beautiful. “Your heart is the strongest thing you have in your business,” she says. “Don’t ever hide it.”

Listen in to hear Marie’s brilliant (and hilarious) thoughts on building a brand, connecting with your ideal customers, and infusing your marketing with more humanity.

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  • Why you shouldn’t try to be everywhere and everything to everyone.
  • Why (and how) to repurpose and recycle old
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A customer value journey works best when you’re able to meet the customer’s specific needs at each point along the way.

In today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with AJ Roberts, Chief Revenue Officer of Genesis Digital, to talk about funnels, webinars, and marketing. AJ says his main focus is—and has always been—how do we make transactions online easier for digital marketers and people in the knowledge industry? Everything is about the relationship now. People are more aware than ever of all the tips and hacks and manipulation and psychology. You’ve got to find ways to give them what they truly want and need.

Listen in for some inventive ways to keep pushing the evolution of the customer journey.

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  • How to leverage behavior-adapted marketing (BAM) 
  • What a lot of businesses miss when it comes to optimization and conversion mastery
  • How to
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What are virtual influencers, why are they so popular, and what do they mean for your business? 

Today’s episode is short, sweet, and snackable—and hosted by Mandy McEwen, a.k.a. the LinkedIn Girl, Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing and Luminetics. Mandy is here to tell us about the fascinating world of virtual influencers—computer-generated fictional characters used in social media marketing as a substitute for humans. Some of these robots are so realistic that people believe they’re human, and big brands are eating them up. 

Listen in as Mandy gives us a peek inside this wild new world and what it means for our future as digital marketers.

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  • Which major companies have already hired virtual influencers to sell their products
  • The science behind our fascination with these robots
  • The advantages to using virtual influencers rather than human influencers
  • What trend forecasters are
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