Community is more important than ever—so important that entire businesses are being built around the concept.

Tatiana Figueiredo is a community strategist and the brain behind The Business of Community newsletter. Her focus is helping course creators and membership community leaders build thoughtful and financially stable community businesses. What is a community business exactly? In simple terms, it’s an organization that makes money from facilitating connections that lead to growth.

In today’s episode, Tatiana joins host Jenna Snavely for a super smart, heart-centered conversation about how you can create a sense of belonging in your community business.


  • What most people truly want from a business community
  • Why sharing something in common isn’t enough to grow a healthy community
  • How to effectively market the value of community 
  • Tips and tactics for building a financially profitable business community

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If you sold your business to Amazon for $1 billion—what would your advice to other entrepreneurs be?

Justin Kan, the founder of Amazon acquired Twitch, isn’t afraid to share the reality of entrepreneurship:

You’re always going to feel like you’re drowning—even when you’re succeeding. Which makes being an entrepreneur incredibly confusing.

Are you doing a great job or a terrible job?

This is an entrepreneur’s, like a digital marketing agency founder’s, existential life crisis. The numbers can look great, but does that mean their customers and employees are happy? What happens when you’ve missed the mark on every single metric you set at the beginning of the quarter…but your employees and customers have never talked so positively about you before?

As Justin explains, these are questions you’ll be asking yourself for a very long time as a marketing agency owner. You’ll learn to love them and to challenge … Read more

Freelancers and agencies fall into the one-time project trap all the time. They work with clients on smaller projects for a few weeks or a month, and then move on to the next client. This puts them in a perpetual sales cycle without a dollar of predictable income.

The outcome leads to a stressed founder and management team, who are all unsure of where their next paycheck will come from.

If this is where your freelance business or agency is right now—there is a solution. It’s called retainer contracts and they’re about to become your new best friend.

What is a Retainer?

A retainer contract is an agreement between client and company that you’ll perform specific services for a set rate each month. For example, your content marketing agency could provide 8 articles per month, distribution, and splintered content for $13,500 a month. 

These contracts can either be on a … Read more

When you’re in the digital marketing business, the massive amount of content can get overwhelming. But we don’t have to keep what’s not working. Today’s guest is someone who looks at the mess and finds the joy in creating something better. And he’s brilliant at it.

In this episode, host Jenna Snavely sits down with Mark de Grasse, the new President and General Manager of DigitalMarketer. Mark gives us an inside look at the DM rebrand and redesign and explains why the design and organization of a company is just as important on the inside as it is on the outside.

Mark is passionate about what he does, and his enthusiasm is contagious. Listen in!


  • Tips for organizing scattered pieces of online content into something cohesive
  • How to connect your internal structure with what people see
  • Why you absolutely need your own website
  • Which
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Selling marketing is meta. You have to market your marketing ability, land the sale, then use those same skills to help your clients to get more traffic and conversions.

In reality, your sales pitch shows just how good you are at marketing.

A poor pitch = a bad marketer who can’t get sales.

A great pitch = proves your ability to land the sale.

That’s why each sales pitch needs to have these essential five key points. These points are built off of the marketing principles that you use with your clients, but this time we’re using them for your consulting or agency.

#1: Who Do You Help?

Like any great sales page, you have to talk about who you help in your sales pitch. With the riches in the niches, being a jack of all trades won’t help your freelance consulting or agency. You want to be specific about … Read more