If you’ve ever watched Parks and Recreation, you know how diverse the characters are. Some are enthusiastic and passionate, while others secretly try to dismantle the parks department from within. Although it’s surprising, the dynamic of this group makes their work efficient and entertaining at the same time.

From capitalism to consumer choice, Leslie Knope and her team are ready to serve the members of their community. Because some members of the team are more dedicated than others, Leslie is always thinking of new ways to get her team motivated and as enthusiastic about their work as she is.

During the numerous times I’ve cycled through the show’s seven seasons, I’ve discovered a number of lessons from the show that also apply to marketing.

1. Branding

Throughout the show there are numerous examples of good, and surprisingly bad, branding. Pawnee, Indiana, (where the show takes place) is home to some … Read more

B2B Marketing Content

In his recently published eBook, Corona Marketing, Joe Pulizzi recounts how he and his wife launched the website Content Marketing Institute in 2007 at the exact time as a devastating financial crisis was beginning to unfold in the United States. 

“At the time, we believed things couldn’t have been bleaker,” Pulizzi writes. “Looking back though, this was absolutely the best time for my wife and I to start a business.”

Why is that? Because their commitment to providing useful, helpful and relevant content – even at a time where it was difficult to drive direct revenue with that content – paid major dividends as the market recovered. 

“When we were starting to come out of the recession in 2010, Content Marketing Institute quickly became the leading resource for content marketing education, not because we had some secret sauce, but simply because we invested in our audience for two years Read more

At one point or another, every business hits a plateau, where growth just doesn’t seem to break through. Maybe you’re a new business having a hard time getting off the ground, or maybe you’re just hitting a snag.

In either case, it happens to everyone.

It’s hard to keep up continued success in business and marketing, but sometimes all we need is a good marketing and growth hack, a simple, easy to implement missing link that will get us where we need to be. These are things that can help us switch up our tactics and change for the better.

Here are 7 marketing hacks that can help you get the traffic and achieve the growth that you want to.

1. Don’t Shy Away from Video

There’s lot of content marketing hacks, but this is probably the most important one. If you aren’t utilizing video in your business’s content or … Read more

The story goes that Marie Kondo – that guru of tidy – has always been organized. Have you seen her method for folding clothes? Amazing.

Of course, not everybody has the “tidying up” gene like the inspiring Marie Kondo. Some of us struggle to keep order. Even in our roles as marketers, there are myriad benefits to getting our business in a more manageable state. One of the most important places to start is the data.

Marketers cannot be effective if they are wasting time and resources with cluttered, obsolete, incomplete, or siloed data. To reach the right audience and grow their business, they need an accurate and clear view of their best customers.

Today, marketers are investing in smart data strategies involving data clean-up and identity resolution to ensure they’re reaching the right customers and prospects. In fact, in their State of Data 2020 report, IAB and Winterberry Read more

Smiling businesswoman at computer image.

Are you using the latest search engine optimization (SEO) tools to help with your content marketing efforts?

Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with a look at some of the most helpful SEO tools to help you refine and augment your content marketing plans.

Sorting through lists of the seemingly endless number of available SEO tools can be frustrating as well as a hit and miss proposition, however we’ve put this collection together so that you can skip the search and get right into SEO tools you can use today to help you create amazing content marketing stories.

Let’s jump in with our collection of fresh SEO tools to boost your content marketing experiences.

1 — Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse

Google’s own Lighthouse tool — an open-source project — offers a simple way to check a number of basic SEO-related issues that every website should consider. Among its auditing functions … Read more