Not all businesses have a big budget dedicated to their marketing efforts. Yet, you must allocate a sufficient budget to meet your marketing goals [see below for some thoughts about how much you should allocate to marketing]. The big question is how to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to developing a detailed marketing budget. Today we’ll discuss 5 affordable marketing methods that produce high returns on your investment.

Below, you have some idea of how big a percentage of your revenue you should allocate to marketing depending on your industry. The highest percentage of revenue dedicated to marketing occurs among consumer packaged goods companies, while the lowest occurs in the energy industry (likely a function of the monopoly status of most energy companies around the country that eliminated customer choice).

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Marketing strategy is a foundational aspect of any business model, no matter how large or small a business it may be. It is the approach that a brand takes to reach out to its audience, tell its story, engage them, and eventually turn them into paying customers and foster growth and expansion of the brand.

It’s also something that constantly evolves and changes over time. As technological developments emerge, social trends come and go, and economies change, so it’s important for a business to stay agile in its approach to marketing too. To help you get inspired and find ways to bring in a more creative prospect to your marketing strategies, read on for some useful ideas.

Share eBooks and Guides

One of the most powerful and meaningful ways of connecting with your brand’s audience today is by sharing useful information. This can help potential customers see the value you … Read more

What is a brand? When we are introduced to someone in real life, we seek to learn more about them. We ask questions that give us a brief overview of their lives and the type of person they are. We listen to their stories, ideas, and opinions. It’s a part of getting to know someone and becoming a part of their personal brand as we perceive it in our personal lives and business.

Brands go through the same steps when customers evaluate and get to know them. A prospect might find your website and become intrigued. Maybe your messaging really hit home with them. They check out your product, verify that it covers their most pressing needs, and then they begin the process of getting to know your brand- just like they would a person. The goal is to get to know the brand, its promise, value, and benefits on … Read more

If April showers bring May flowers, then now is the time for your small business to bloom. But how do you get your business to stand out to customers and apart from competitors? By incorporating creativity, core values, and causes into your content. And the good news is, every month of the year affords unique opportunities for these three Cs. And this sunny month of May is especially jam-packed. We’ve got National Small Business Week, Women’s Health Week, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Bike to Work (or Wherever) Day, Star Wars Day, and so much more.

In this post, we’re going to arm you with everything you need to produce great content this month. This includes:

  • A list of May awareness causes, themes, holidays, and observances.
  • Free and easy marketing ideas around these themes, particularly for small and local businesses.
  • Real examples of blog articles, social media posts, events, and promotions
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Feeling stressed and sad because your pipeline does not have enough quality leads?🤯 Let me be the bearer of good news: you are not alone!🙌

Jumplead states that lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for 61% of marketers. Finding a product-channel fit is a tough task for both enterprises and startups. This is a never-ending task, and no market is fully protected from it – channels that worked perfectly fine yesterday may bring zero leads tomorrow.

Lead Generation Strategies Worth Trying in 2021

While there are tons of lead generation channels and activities the scope of which is only really limited by your creativity, this article covers some evergreen strategies. Scroll down to find the list of tools that will make your lead generation process easier, more straightforward, and accelerate its performance.

Website Optimization and SEO

While SEO is a long game, the leads that you get organically … Read more