I am Batman!

Okay, not really, but May 1st is Batman Day. While not an official May holiday, Batman Day is just one of many fun and zany reasons to celebrate this month. With holidays like Intergalactic Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!), Eat What You Want Day (May 11th), and Frog Jumping Day (May 13th) there’s no reason to feel jumpy about your marketing this month.

Seriously. May has a plethora of occasions to share with your customers — from public holidays like International Workers’ Day (May 1st) and VE Day (May 8th) to “weird” holidays like National Cellophane Tape Day (the 27th). Yep! That’s a thing. According to holidayscalendar.com, there are no less than 20 holidays to celebrate on the first of May alone!

Need a reason to market to your customers this month? Just let me count the holidays!

May holidays —

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Social proof is a necessity of every marketing strategy. The question is, what counts as a testimonial and what doesn’t? In this episode, you’re getting a look inside ELITE Coach, DM Certified Partner, and Founder and CEO of Joza Marketing Dave Albano’s Lab Workshop on how to build a testimonial machine. Hear Dave talk about how he’s been able to create a testimonial machine that drives traffic and conversions.

Listen To Learn:

  • The 6 principles of persuasion and why a great testimonial is perfect for creating influence
  • How testimonials connect to your marketing strategy
  • The TRS Framework for a results-based testimonial

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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Virtual summits have become a digital marketing trend now. Almost 70% of marketers use them to complement their in-person promotional events — and for good reason.

Virtual summits are among the most affordable and rapid methods for generating boatloads of traffic, leads, and conversions for any industry.

If you’re considering leveraging virtual summits to bolster your business performance, check out this guide where I lay down the essentials, benefits, networking tips, and FAQs about this strategic event.

Virtual summit meaning

A virtual summit is a synergetic online activity featuring a collection of back-to-back expert discussions concentrated usually on a specific niche or theme.

It is one where you organize a series of webinars and interviews with credible people and that you launch over many days.

It is an online, multi-session event. You can apply several variations to its program flow and access vis-a-vis attendance pricing (e.g., free, freemium, paid-to-join).

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Attribution has always been a mystery in marketing, but with the newest iOS14 changes it’s only becoming harder to figure out. In this episode, Angela Ponsford joins Ralph and Amanda to talk about how the new iOS changes have been playing out and the latest on attribution. This is essential information for everyone with established and new businesses (like us!) looking to get the most from Facebook ads. And don’t forget to get the Tactical Troubleshooting Checklist for FREE ($297 value!) by filling out our survey at tiereleven.com/survey

Listen To Learn:

  • What it means to triangulate your data
  • Choosing your attribution model
  • The importance of moving away from constantly checking your account (and why it will save your sanity!)

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Sales teams manage a lot of different factors these days. Some are new, fresh challenges, and some old, but all part of a pretty delicate balancing act they’ve got to keep afloat to make the sale. But they’re not alone in this “battle” — marketing should be fighting right alongside them, with just as much of a stake in each sale.

It’s tough, though, when each team has their own set of concerns and issues. The ultimate goal could be lost in the daily duties, and even more so when they don’t understand the other’s needs.

No one wins in a silo, so that’s why it’s important for marketing to support sales in any way they can.

Here are six things you as a marketer can do to help:

1. Eavesdrop on Your Sales Team

What’s your sales team hearing every day? What objections and concerns do prospects have, … Read more