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In his recently-published book, What’s Your Problem: Become a Better B2B Marketer by Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills, Steve Goldhaber argues that the discipline of content marketing boils down to a simple consistent objective: solving problems.

It’s a reasonable framing. Almost every piece of marketing content is essentially aimed at solving a problem. This really gets to the fundamental intent of B2B content marketing as a practice: by helping our audience solve day-to-day problems and overcome business challenges, we hope that they’ll eventually consider using our product or service to solve a bigger problem.

But content marketers can’t focus solely on solving problems for customers. We also need to look inward and address key challenges that threaten the value and impact of our problem-solving content. The old saying about “getting your own house in order” comes to mind.

Here’s a look at four prevalent conundrums faced by B2B content marketers … Read more

Black History Month was started by Carter G. Woodson as Negro History Week in 1926 and centered on two main ideas: recognition and importance. As Woodson said, “Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” To celebrate Black History Month this February, we reached out to some of our staff, recent contributors, and favorite marketers to talk about their careers and some of their favorite people in Black history.

Shondell Varcianna

Founder and CEO, Varci Media


Was born in Canada. My mom is from Jamaica and dad is from Ghana.

I started working in the banking industry in 1998 at BMO Bank of Montreal. I worked in several different positions, including being a mortgage loan originator, where I underwrote million-dollar mortgages per week and exceeded weekly targets by 130%. During my time at CMHC, … Read more

Seems like such a silly thing to say these days. Of course, marketing has to be customer-centric. Or am I assuming too much? I think I might just be.

After all, why would so many companies, B2B and B2C, be creating so much noise that clearly doesn’t have the customer’s needs in mind?

We’ve been doing this podcast series called the Wellspring Digital Chat since the start of this pandemic. It’s the Perfect Pandemic Podcast! ALLITERATION!

Sorry, it’s been a long day, week, month, year. But isn’t that the point? People are stressed. There’s no shortage of anxiety and fear to go around, and still some marketers see the need to bombard people with noise. Why?

Good question. Sorry, tangent. Back to my point…

Empathy and Zach Messler’s Favorite Word, Authenticity

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First, consumers don’t buy products. They buy solutions. Assuming you provide a solution, the next challenge is convincing consumers your product is better at solving their problems than those made by your competition. We call this competitive advantage. So, if you wanna know the secrets to marketing products, that’s it.

I guess I could end the post right now since I already gave you the biggest secret to marketing products. But, I think you probably need a little more specific information as you try to implement my secret, which, by the way, isn’t that big a secret. So, let’s jump into today’s discussion.

Secrets to marketing products

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Know your customer

This isn’t really a secret either and I mention how important it is to know your customer in many posts. That’s because knowing your customer is integral to success on so many levels. In marketing … Read more

Business owners everywhere incorporate marketing tactics every week and every month to tell the world about their mission and their products or services. Without marketing not a single soul would know you have a business, never mind want to make a purchase with you.

Why? Because people purchase from those who they know, like, and trust. It’s important they know that you’re a real person with real feelings instead of someone who only cares about the almighty dollar. And they want to know you’re not a scam artist who will steal their last dollar without providing a product. They want to hear recommendations from others who have purchased before them to be sure your product delivered what it promised.

People with purchase power want a relationship with you before they buy.

Relationship marketing gives you:


In order to have a relationship with a single person or large audience, you … Read more