You hear a lot about analytics these days: how brands need to use “the numbers” to create content and advertising campaigns.

It’s supposed to make you more efficient: analytics tell you what worked and what didn’t so you can create more of what worked.

Sounds logical– what’s not to like?

I’m not going to argue against analytics. It’s useful to know what’s resonating with your target audience. You’d be foolish to ignore that information.

But numbers aren’t the whole story. If you follow them slavishly, you’ll limit yourself to what’s worked before. You’ll shy away from breaking new ground.

Without consciously thinking about it, you’ll be more averse to risk, more apt to play it safe– and that’s the biggest risk of all for a brand.

Ogilvy UK’s Rory Sutherland writes that data doesn’t always reveal the truth.

What looked like gender bias in admissions at UC Berkeley, wasn’t. … Read more

Disrupting Disruption

Today I want to talk about a great marketing system can overcome disruption in business. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of disruption over the last handful of years. I was in a networking meeting this morning with a handful of people. And one person said, “I really do need to market more, but I’m too busy. What I really need is to just find some leads.”

Many businesses, when they get disrupted immediately say, we need more leads. We need to create more sales. Well, there’s a big difference between leads and sales. So let me explain.

Buying or Earning Leads

There are two different ways to find leads. A lead is obviously something that could lead to a sale. You can buy leads or you can earn leads. Now I belong to a group, a networking group, and it was a … Read more

Brand is the perception of your company in the eyes of the world. It’s shorthand for who and what you are.

Getting branding right gives people a reason to love you, which they’ll reward with loyalty. Getting it wrong, however, can create an impression you may never be able to change.

In this article, you’ll learn what’s required to create a branding campaign that strikes the right chord. We’ll look at the importance of strategy and cover the key ingredients a campaign needs to increase brand awareness. We’ll also give you creative fuel by breaking down how Lemonade has used branding to disrupt the market.

Branding strategy is more than a series of gimmicks

When we start in business one of the first things we’re encouraged to do is nail the branding: come up with a memorable brand name, a good logo, and a striking visual brand identity. … Read more

Community is more important than ever—so important that entire businesses are being built around the concept.

Tatiana Figueiredo is a community strategist and the brain behind The Business of Community newsletter. Her focus is helping course creators and membership community leaders build thoughtful and financially stable community businesses. What is a community business exactly? In simple terms, it’s an organization that makes money from facilitating connections that lead to growth.

In today’s episode, Tatiana joins host Jenna Snavely for a super smart, heart-centered conversation about how you can create a sense of belonging in your community business.


  • What most people truly want from a business community
  • Why sharing something in common isn’t enough to grow a healthy community
  • How to effectively market the value of community 
  • Tips and tactics for building a financially profitable business community

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Two marketers aside illustration of brain showing creative and intellectual sides image.

Marketers have to continually earn and reward people’s attention. If we fail at that task, there are plenty of other content options out there. People — yes, even B2B buyers — want engaging, entertaining and valuable content.

That’s great news for those of us on the content side! It means we should be regularly exercising our creative muscles, breaking free of boring B2B, and coming up with new ways to delight our readers. How cool is it, for example, to make Ghostbusters referencesfor your job?

But as fun and creative as the work can be, there’s a cerebral and analytical side to marketing that we can’t neglect. If you came into marketing through creative writing, not the other way around, you may need to develop the left-brain part of the job:

  • Writing for a specific audience
  • Meeting audience demand for information
  • Prompting the audience to take action
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