You got into marketing for a reason. You’re a free-thinking creative who excels at understanding what people want, and you obsess over what your customers and prospects need from you. You love executing your crazy campaign idea involving a new TikTok dance or drone-delivered mailers. Or some version of that, right?

You’ve probably even watched sales do whatever magic they do at some point during your career and thought, there’s no way I have the personality for sales. Sure, it’s true, there can be a “type” of person that goes into marketing versus sales, but we hate to break it to you: You’re also that type, whether you realize (or like) it or not.

Sales reps, like you, obsess over delivering the best outcome to a prospect or customer. Sales, like you, benefit from your wild campaign ideas. That’s because at the end of the day, we’re all responsible for … Read more

June. School is out (was it ever in?) No more warm weather teasers. Accordions abound (What? We’ll get to that later). June is filled with freedom and fresh air, so you can’t afford stale marketing campaigns! While it’s important to identify and harness content types and topics that resonate with your audience, it’s equally as important to step out of your comfort zone and add some color and authenticity to your communication.

And thankfully, June has tons of great causes and holidays to make your summer marketing campaigns hot!

In this post, we’re going to set you up for free and easy June marketing wins so you can stay connected with your customers and attract even more of them.

  • A list of June awareness causes, themes, national days, and holidays.
  • Over 50 creative ideas for incorporating them into your articles, posts, events, and promotions.
  • Real examples of these ideas in
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I recently had an interesting call with a potential client where we went back and forth getting to know each other. In the process, she said to me, “I want to be upfront with you and let you know that I’ve had some bad experiences with people doing lead generation for my business.” And I said, “Who hasn’t?”

I began to relay some stories to let her know that what I’m doing is not basic lead generation. Then it made me think, “How can I better communicate upfront to people what it is that I do?”

Today I want to talk about using mixed emotions and how that can emotionally charge your marketing messages.

If you’re a frequent listener of the Bacon Podcast, you may have heard my interview with Tim Ash, who has a book called Unleash Your Primal Brain. Not only did I interview him on the podcast, … Read more

Storytelling marketing is using narrative to communicate a message to an audience. The message should make the viewer feel something that drives them to take action. It is considered an art form requiring creativity, insight, practice and skill. It is not an overnight practice or a simple tactic to use in your marketing strategy. It’s an ongoing process that develops your brand and makes you stick out from the crowd by connecting your audience to your brand on a deeper level. Think about an intriguing author, someone who writes stories that captivate you every time. They’ve mastered storytelling to get you hooked. This is what you want to aim for in your storytelling marketing; the same hooked reaction with your audience.

Build your brand through storytelling marketing.

But first, why is storytelling important? As described by Jade Nguyen from SocialPilot, “Connecting with other people is one of the highest … Read more

Co-create B2B Content

“Look, I made this!”

Sharing things we create is a human compulsion that traces back to childhood. Whether you’re showing your mom a drawing so she can pin it up on the fridge, or linking social media followers to your latest blog post, it’s natural for people of all ages to proudly broadcast their creative output.

Therein lies the power of co-creation for content amplification. “If you want your content reach to be great, ask your community to participate.”

Let’s explore this approach to content collaboration from a B2B marketing perspective.

Why Co-create Content for B2B Marketing?

There are many benefits to collaborative content creation. TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden covered several in his writeup last year on winning at B2B influence with the magic of content co-creation. Among them:

  • Incorporating the first-hand viewpoints of experts infuses greater authority and credibility to your content.
  • Featuring various outside voices makes
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