If you’re looking for the best investments to make in 2020, your timing could be good.

For example, last week’s figures from the Office for National Statistics showed a dire plunge in GDP for the second quarter of the year. But there were encouraging signs of recovery in May and June as lockdowns began to ease.

A good time to invest

In the real world, when economies begin to emerge from recession it can be a great time to start or expand a business.  And in the stock market, new bull runs begin at the bottom of bear moves. Indeed, many shares have recovered from their spring lows already. And that makes sense because the stock market tends to be a leading indicator. Meanwhile, the ONS figures are a lagging confirmation that the stock market was ‘right’ when it rose earlier.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to worry about … Read more

Visual Studio Code Tips – Execute SOQL Query in Visual Studio Code

This post & video explained about to Execute SOQL in Visual Studio Code:

– Execute SOQL Using Rest API and Tooling API
– Execute SOQL in Developer Console
– Execute SOSL in Developer Console
– Execute SOQL in workbench.developerforce.com
– Execute SOQL in Data Loader
– Execute SOQL in Visual Studio Code
– Execute SOSL Using Anonymous Apex in Visual Studio Code

From Scripts -> SOQL -> Create a file with extension as .soql

From Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) -> Type Execute SOQL and Select “SFDX: Execute SOQL Query with Currently Selected Text“, results appear in the Output panel as highlighted below screenshots

SFDX Command for Query Execution using Rest API

sfdx force:data:soql:query –query Select Id, Name, Type From Account

Defaults the Query Executed using the Rest API and some of the query supported only with Tooling … Read more

Summer 20 – Share CSS Styles Among Lightning Web Components

For this blog post & video described about to Sharing the CSS Styles among the Lightning Web Components. This feature available from Summer 20 Salesforce Release. We can add style in Lightning Web Components using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style.

In Lightning Web Components, we can apply styling with 4 ways now:

  • Applying Style using Inline CSS in LWC
  • Applying Style using External CSS file from Static resources
  • Create CSS file from LWC Component bundle level
  • Summer 20 > Common CSS module  (Summer 20)

Share CSS Styles in LWC and this applies to Lightning web components in Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce app.

Applying Style using Inline CSS in LWC

Inline CSS for apply a style for a individual HTML element used to apply with HTML style attribute. Likely

 <h1 style=”color: 

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Authentic Content Customer Experience

The experience customers have through marketing content can be one of the most important differentiators for brands today.

And yet 58{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} of B2B buyers don’t not believe claims made by the vendors they most recently bought from (TrustRadius).

It’s hard to create a great experience if customers don’t trust brand communications.

Trust is the gateway to influence perceptions, behaviors and actions and brands that want to succeed in the uncertain environment of today’s digital world need to double down on building trust with their customers. But how?

Today’s increasingly digital buyers have high expectations of the companies they do business with: buyers want personalized and relevant information, they want a consistent experience across channels, they want confidence in the brand as a company that cares about privacy, their customers and the community.

Meeting these expectations has been a challenge. From fake news to privacy issues to deep fakes, … Read more

Working at Home with Cat on Laptop

I’ll never forget the night that everything really changed.

It was my wife’s birthday, March 11th. I took her out for dinner at a lovely restaurant in South Minneapolis, and for a couple of blissful hours, over exotic cocktails and delicious food, we unplugged from the loudening noise of a worrisome outside world.

After we walked out of that restaurant, there would be no more tuning out.

Stepping out from the darkly lit building, I looked down at my phone, and tried to process the sudden rush of stunning headlines:

WHO declares global pandemic. NBA suspends season. Trump addresses the nation. Tom Hanks has coronavirus. Tom Hanks!

It all happened on the same day, like a floodgate bursting. And the ensuing deluge has since uprooted almost every sense of normalcy we once knew. Around that time, I stopped going into work, as did most others around the country. I haven’t … Read more