Tips for Passing the Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge – Challenge 5

This post describes about the Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge Challenge 5 Guide (Tips and Guidelines).

Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge Challenge 5: Build the component boatTile

To Pass the Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge Challenge 5, require to create LWC component called “boatTile“.

After Completing the Lightning Web Components Specialist Superbadge Challenge 5: Build the component boatTile, you’ll be able to learn:

Possible Errors:


We can’t find the component boatTile. Make sure the component was created according to the requirements.

We can’t find the correct settings for the h1 related to the boat name in the component boatTile. Make sure

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I’ve always considered investment trusts to be among the very best long-term defensive investments. There’s a couple of key reasons.

One is that, unlike handing over money to typical fund managers, there’s no conflict of interest. Fund managers are answerable to their bosses, to the companies they work for. They’re there to maximise the size of the slice taken by the company’s owners. But when they’re working for investment trusts, that’s you, me, the people who stump up the cash. When we invest by buying shares in an investment trust, we become the owners.

The other key thing I like about investment trusts is the way they’re allowed to handle dividends. Cash on the books can be accumulated during good spells and is handed out as extra during tougher years. And experience shows that the top trusts manage their cash flow and their dividends in a conservative and sustainable way.… Read more

How do you turn people who are totally unaware of a product into raving fans?

This is the marketing question of a lifetime—and there’s no way we can tell you it’s a one-size-fits-all template. Some brands succeed one way, and others need the complete opposite.

For example, Warby Parker used paid ads and influencer marketing to skyrocket their direct-to-consumer glasses. Most brands think this is the only way to get their claim to fame in the digital age.

But we’re going to show that this actually isn’t the case. Creative brainstorming tied to an understanding of how to give the perfect first experience is how a brand can reach worldwide success.

It all starts with oats and the massive rise in demand for plant-based milk. The next time you grab a coffee at your local coffee shop, ask them what plant-based milk options they have. When they say oat milk, … Read more


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B2B Marketing Rules Covid-19
I was supposed to go to an Alanis Morissette concert this July. When the pandemic hit hard in March, I wasn’t ready to cancel my ticket yet. Surely,
surely we would have it sorted in time for an outdoor concert four months from now. I held out hope. Then, in June, she rescheduled for July, 2021. And now I’m wondering if that will be enough time.

Isn’t it ironic? 

Don’t you think?

All of which to say: This pandemic has been around for longer than we thought it would, and is looking to linger far longer than we would like. What seemed like a brief, surreal interlude to be gotten through has now become a reality to live with, at least for the time being.

As B2B marketers, we need to reassess how we are adapting our marketing to our buyers’ current situation. We’re no longer scrambling to cobble together Read more