Amazon continues to grow and develop as they announce the brand will be launching a massive recruitment drive in the coming year.

When and Where?

The jobs Amazon will be recruiting for include corporate, robotics , research and engineering roles. The total number of jobs comes to around 50,000. This number is shared across various countries with about 40,000 in the US, 2,500 in the UK and the rest will be shared across India, Germany and japan. The recruitment fair is set to start on September 15th.

Amazon’s chief executive Andy Jassy said “amazon continues to grow quickly, and relentlessly invent across many areas”. Because of this steady growth Amazon needs to employ more staff just to keep up with the expansion of retail, cloud computing and advertising.

Satellite time…

A lot of these positions have been opened in accordance with amazons new satellite launch programme.

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McDonald’s has said it is to start selling a vegan burger in the UK and Ireland after years of research to perfect it. The “McPlant” burger will be trialled in 10 of their restaurants from late September and go national next year.

The launch lags behind rival fast food chains, such as Greggs with its vegan sausage roll and Burger King with a soy-based Rebel Whopper. However, McDonald’s said it took its time with their vegan option, as they wanted to ensure it met the highest standards.

What is a McPlant?

The McPlant burger will be made up of a patty supplied by Beyond Meat, vegan cheese, mustard, ketchup, onion, pickles, lettuce and tomato in a vegan sesame bun.

The fast food giant spent three years researching and testing different burgers and cheeses. It eventually decided on a slice based on pea protein to try to match the restaurant’s usual Read more

Rayassa Leal is the focus of Nike’s new campaign. Leal captured the world’s attention at the age of seven when she performed a heelflip dressed in a blue tutu. The video went viral with more than 4.8 million views and over 60,000 shares. Little did she know that a video she had made for fun, would eventually change her life. Fast forward six years , thirteen year old Rayassa has been thrust into the spotlight featuring in one of Nike’s latest campaigns. 

The campaign

This one and a half minute long ad titled “A Fadihna do skate” (English translation “The Little Fairy of Skateboarding”) has a mission of making skateboarding more inclusive to the female audience.

“I’m very happy to encourage other girls to get started in the sport. Skateboarding is a women’s sport too, it’s a sport for everyone. I want other girls to have the same opportunity as Read more

Since the brands launch in 2015, the independent craft brewer Vocation has seen exceptional growth. The brand is becoming one of the largest volume craft breweries in the UK. According to the brewery’s founder, John Hickline, the brand is committed to bringing “better beer to more people.”

The brand and it’s branding

Vocation has their initial branding developed by Robot Food, the agency which also coined the brand name. Vocation continues to pursue its calling under the creative guidance of the Leeds based team. “I’ve always seen Robot Food as our 5th Beatle” expresses the founder. “It’s our vocation to bring better beer to more people and from the start, I’ve relied on them to tell our story and manage how we present ourselves. We’re genuine partners so we’re proud to have them along for the ride as Vocation continues to champion its calling.”

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Today the prestigious World Branding Awards, global brand recognition accolade, saw 150 brands named “Brand of the Year”. The event was the first-ever virtual ceremony held in the history of the Awards. 

The brands were nominated by over 115,000 consumers from six continents for the special biennial Animalis edition which focuses on awarding the best pet and animal brands from around the world.

Every two years, the World Branding Awards holds an event to honour the world’s animal and pet industry. This year’s event was unlike previous editions. Due to the global pandemic the World Branding Awards was held online. If you have attended one of the award events in the past, you will understand that this was much more than just a change of scenery.

Chairman of the World Branding Forum, Richard Rowles, hosted the event. He conducted interviews with multiple winners of the award and gave congratulations to
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