The quality of life depends on the quality of who you are. What you actually become. It all boils down to how morally good and ethical a person is. So the question is how do we make every one become a good moral person? Since ancient times we recognize the importance of teaching moral values. We teach it the same way we teach math and science by providing the knowledge of good and bad. One very important factor that the world of education has still not completely woken up to, in spite of all these thousands of years of research, is that as there are two kinds of intelligences – regular and emotional – both require a different set of rules for education. Emotional intelligence education alters the actual physical infrastructure of the brain. Emotional intelligence education starts from the womb. And continues through hugs and kisses and a nurturing

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Every year, businesses allocate more and more of their marketing budgets to video. And it makes complete sense. Findings like those published in Limelight in 2019 reveal how users spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes every week watching online videos. It is a significant increase of 59% from 2016, and this number is likely to keep growing.

However, often these numbers tempt businesses to jump straight into video content creation. Although, they have no idea about how they should approach it. Especially if a brand is new to video marketing, it likely knows very little about the ins and outs of building a sound video strategy. This is where a brand should consider bringing the best-animated explainer video company on board. Experience can help you avoid common mistakes and reduce investment costs. Video Production is a long term project, you should always go for someone tested and … Read more

There are 3 main classifications into which the education sector can be divided. They are:

• School education
• Further education
• Higher education

Sometimes, education is carried out in a non-classroom background. It may take place in a prison or in a hospital. Education jobs are not only comprised of teaching jobs. Other people are working behind the running of the education sector. For example, there are people to look after the administration of an educational institute; there are people in the finance department, people are present to lend technical support to the institute, there are teaching assistants and also educational psychologists associated with the sector.


The education sector in countries like England, Wales and in Northern Ireland is quite similar in administration. However, Scotland has different ways of running this sector. The rules and laws concerning the educational sector are different in this country.


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Thousands of traders are working day and night just to learn the art of trading. Even after going through all the resources many people fails to overcome the major barriers at trading. After failing to become a profitable trader, people start blaming the market and they eventually mess things up. To beat the market, you have to learn about the critical dynamics first. Once you study the critical variables of the market, you will know about the critical elements which can affect your trading performance. So, without any delay, let’s get into the details.

Size of your account

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It’s a Sunday newsletter with important business insights that’ll prep you for the week forward. The software security agency is including Ethereum mining to its products. The tech giant says workers will be required to work a minimum of three-days per week at their desks. Govt ends electrical energy discounts for small homes Electricity subsidies for small houses small business will end at the flip of the month as the government phases out monetary relief in response to an bettering financial system. Main points agreed by G7 finance ministers in London Here are the details of the assertion released at the end of the … Read more