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B2B Marketing Rules Covid-19
I was supposed to go to an Alanis Morissette concert this July. When the pandemic hit hard in March, I wasn’t ready to cancel my ticket yet. Surely,
surely we would have it sorted in time for an outdoor concert four months from now. I held out hope. Then, in June, she rescheduled for July, 2021. And now I’m wondering if that will be enough time.

Isn’t it ironic? 

Don’t you think?

All of which to say: This pandemic has been around for longer than we thought it would, and is looking to linger far longer than we would like. What seemed like a brief, surreal interlude to be gotten through has now become a reality to live with, at least for the time being.

As B2B marketers, we need to reassess how we are adapting our marketing to our buyers’ current situation. We’re no longer scrambling to cobble together Read more

By: Patrik Maltusch, Head of IT Architecture, Aalto University

For some higher education institutions, a digital transformation journey is an overwhelming challenge. For me and my team at Aalto University in Finland, we view it as an opportunity to transform operations across our campus.

We had two questions to answer to begin the journey: where do we go and how do we get there? Above all, we kept our primary focus on what we stood to gain at the end of our digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation was a natural step to better supporting students.

The Digital Imperative

The imperative for change became a strategic priority for senior leadership at Aalto as legacy systems, poor data collection, and lack of cohesion across the institution was proving to impact the experience we wanted to provide our students.

There’s always a moment that serves as the catalyst for change. That moment for … Read more

If there’s another stock market crash, like the one we saw back in March, I know most investors like me will want to be in a position to capitalise. The best time to buy shares is when markets are down. It’s not as easy in practice, however.

Usually crashes aren’t easy to predict (otherwise everyone would make money from the stock market) and there’s an opportunity cost in keeping too much cash parked on the sidelines for too long. Cash loses value over time because of inflation.

Here’s what I’d do to make the most of any future market crash.

Review holdings frequently

One of the things that should be an ongoing process for most serious investors is reviewing investments. This is all the more needed when markets are looking expensive or a bull run has been rampaging for some time. High price-to-earnings ratios, people not usually interested in … Read more




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