Fashion retailers across the FTSE suffered due to the pandemic. One such retailer is Superdry (LSE:SDRY). 

FTSE AIM star or one to avoid?

Retail has been a risky sector in recent years. It has been well highlighted that the traditional high street is suffering and online-based fashion brands are excelling as technology evolves.

Superdry has over 750 stores across 65 countries. Nearly a third are owned by the company and the remainder are franchised. It is fair to say SDRY possesses a hefty physical footprint. Based on current shopping habits and a post-Covid 19 world, I believe this could be a major problem.

When the market crashed, SDRY lost a sizeable chunk of its share price like many other retailers on the FTSE. Pre-crash you were able to pick up SDRY shares at 515p per share. The lowest point of the crash saw its price hit 70p, which … Read more


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Optimize Original Research Content

For many in the B2B marketing world, original research provides an effective way to build thought leadership and drive content for owned and earned media.

Unfortunately, many research reports from B2B companies are dry, uninspired and focus solely on pontifications from the brand point of view. Such unremarkable content isn’t helping customers, especially if they never see it due to information overload or they don’t trust it.

“With more information, options and people involved in a buying process, buyers are paralyzed when trying to move forward.” Gartner

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

More often than not, B2B research reports have marketing objectives focused on building brand thought leadership, attracting new names for nurturing and to serve as a resource for sales. Since most B2B brands don’t have the credibility and distribution to reach their marketing goals on their own with such reports, they rely on advertising and PR to attract … Read more

Image credit: Melissa Hill Dees snags a screenshot of the community from the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Mini Sprint in July, 2020, @melissahilldees.

The HubCap is an overview of the top 10 highlights from the online community, the Power of Us Hub, including product updates, best practices, events, and conversations. The goal of the HubCap is to share content that helps you meet your goals, engage with the community, and achieve more with Salesforce. Let’s review July’s top highlights from the community and look at what’s coming up in August.

1. New Product Resources in the Power of Us Hub

New product documentation resources, including groups, topics, and documentation, are now available in the Hub! Check out the newest resources for the Outbound Funds Module, Grants Management, and Elevate.

2. Highlights of the Summer ‘20 Release Resources

Stay in the loop on … Read more

I’ve always considered investment trusts to be among the very best long-term defensive investments. There’s a couple of key reasons.

One is that, unlike handing over money to typical fund managers, there’s no conflict of interest. Fund managers are answerable to their bosses, to the companies they work for. They’re there to maximise the size of the slice taken by the company’s owners. But when they’re working for investment trusts, that’s you, me, the people who stump up the cash. When we invest by buying shares in an investment trust, we become the owners.

The other key thing I like about investment trusts is the way they’re allowed to handle dividends. Cash on the books can be accumulated during good spells and is handed out as extra during tougher years. And experience shows that the top trusts manage their cash flow and their dividends in a conservative and sustainable way.… Read more