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I have an important question for you:

Athlete A runs a marathon in under 3 hours. Athlete B runs a 40-yard dash in under 5 seconds. Which athlete is more impressive to you?

Athlete A can run the distance, but Athlete B is explosive. ?


If you’re anything like me, you answered that they’re both very impressive. And you’d be right. Having both endurance and power are extremely important. So, why am I asking this question on a blog all about marketing? Well, the most successful content marketing strategies have tactics that cover those two qualities: endurance and power. AKA long-term and short-term tactics.

For content marketing to be successful, you need those flashy, attention-grabbing campaigns to meet immediate goals. But you also need reliable, consistent, thought-provoking content to compound results over time. Below, I share the B2B content marketing tactics that combine for the greatest long-term success.… Read more

By: Melissa Hill Dees, Founding Partner, HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions

Following some new additions to our team and the extraordinary events happening around the United States right now, my team at HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions implemented a brown bag luncheon we call the Culture Club.

The goal of this group is to discuss opportunities to enhance our company’s culture and come up with ways to incorporate diversity and inclusion initiatives across the organization. What started as a lunchtime conversation quickly morphed into our volunteer product and the picklist values that are currently available in HandsOn Connect for race, ethnicity, and gender.

The HandsOn Connect team at Dreamforce 2019

Some questions our team always asks are: How do we update our picklist values to promote inclusion–one of our core values? What are the results of those updates? Is there a best practice in place?

Luckily, there are so many resources available … Read more

easyJet shares have had a tough time this year. In fact, it looks like the company is still in deep trouble. But is the stock a bargain or a value trap?

Recently easyJet announced that it will have to close its bases at Stansted, Southend, and Newcastle. This means the airline will have to cut 670 jobs. I think it’s a clear sign that air travel activity is nowhere near its pre-pandemic levels. In fact, it looks like the airline industry is still shrinking.   

Year-on-year change of weekly flight frequency, UK

Source: Statista

If we look at the graph above, it might look as if air travel is experiencing an upturn. However, the journey to recovery is slow. Airline activity levels are still down about 65{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} year-on-year.   

easyJet shares

My colleague Harvey wrote an excellent article about the risks of investing in an airline. I agree that the future for … Read more

B2B Marketing Content

In his recently published eBook, Corona Marketing, Joe Pulizzi recounts how he and his wife launched the website Content Marketing Institute in 2007 at the exact time as a devastating financial crisis was beginning to unfold in the United States. 

“At the time, we believed things couldn’t have been bleaker,” Pulizzi writes. “Looking back though, this was absolutely the best time for my wife and I to start a business.”

Why is that? Because their commitment to providing useful, helpful and relevant content – even at a time where it was difficult to drive direct revenue with that content – paid major dividends as the market recovered. 

“When we were starting to come out of the recession in 2010, Content Marketing Institute quickly became the leading resource for content marketing education, not because we had some secret sauce, but simply because we invested in our audience for two years Read more