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Baseball Stadium Under Lights Image

Baseball and content marketing are two of my greatest passions. When I think about it, there are some intrinsic similarities between the two that aren’t hard to see.

Much like content marketing, baseball is rhythmic and methodical by design. Sure, there are the flashy home runs (and it helps when your favorite team *ahem* set the all-time record a year ago), but at its core, baseball is about strategy, patience, and sequencing: Accept the inevitability of failure and learn from it. Take good at-bats, call the right plays, string together base runners, manufacture runs.


Sadly there is no baseball season right now, but if there was, it’d be inching toward “the dog days of summer” – a term given to those stretches in July and August where the relentless heat and daily grind start to wear on ball players as they battle their way through a marathon 162-game … Read more

By: Jon Fee and Devi Thomas, Remote Workers and Parents of School-Aged Children

“Should they stay or should they go now?
If they go, there will be trouble
And if they stay it will be double (not necessarily)
So come on and let me know…”

You know the rest. This seems to be the conversation every parent, teacher, and student is having these days. It’s not an easy conversation. As the song goes, there are problems in every direction.

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing “the what.” What is it about going back to school or back to campus that we are trying to fix, help, replicate at home? Defining “the what” is not easy and it’s unique to every student. Teachers know this. Parents like us are learning.

School is the sum of its parts. Many parts are tangible. Many are not. A school also benefits from … Read more

Cineworld (LSE: CINE) makes me think of all those missed opportunities for buying super cheap shares in the early weeks of the stock market crash. I was looking at Next only today, and lamenting the long-gone chance of snapping up top quality shares when they were down at 3,311p. They’re up to 5,899p now. But the Cineworld share price hasn’t recovered yet. So is it an overlooked bargain buy?

Cineworld shares are down a bone-crunching 75{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} so far in 2020. And a brief resurgence in June soon came to an end. Compared to the FTSE 100‘s loss of 21{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b}, that’s an especially bad result.

The effect of the Covid-19 lockdown on the cinema business is clear enough. But a simple reversal of the lockdown might not be enough to get the Cineworld share price moving again. A stock market crash like this helps sort out the financially secure from … Read more


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