This year’s stock market crash has thrown up an unmissable opportunity to buy cheap UK shares. If you are on a quest to make a million before you retire, you need to take advantage of moments like these, as you can pick up some amazing FTSE 100 bargains.

It takes courage, though. Stock markets are volatile and the economic outlook is uncertain. Some may prefer to leave their money in cash instead. That is understandable, but also costly. In the longer run, the stock market beats almost every other investment, and definitely cash. If you can buy UK shares when they are cheap, you can turbo-charge your returns.

Buying undervalued shares after a stock market crash has been a sound move in the past. Warren Buffett, arguably the world’s greatest investor, has always followed this strategy. He likes to buy high-quality businesses when they trade at low prices, then … Read more


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Pandemic Marketing SEO Influence
On this Memorial Day of 2020, it is important we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country – not only in the military, but those on the front lines of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to first responders, law enforcement, healthcare workers and all that support them!

The health and economic crisis we are all facing now compounds the many other uncertainties of our time including trust and expectations in the brands we buy from. The COVID-19 pandemic and our society’s reaction to it have changed the reality we have lived with into something different and very digital.

The why of business matters. For those of us in marketing, we have an obligation to seek answers about how social changes, culture, the economy, politics and consumer behaviors will change how business is done. As we peel back the onion for answers, it means revisiting the … Read more

By: Jarrod Bell, CTO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Since 1904, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has been dedicated to fostering close, caring relationships, called matches, between youth (“Littles”) and adult mentors (“Bigs”). Even as the world transitioned to increasingly digital connections over the last two decades, we’ve taken a great deal of pride in the fact that our matches are forged and nurtured in the real world, outside of the digital realm. As Chief Technology Officer, I spend a lot of time trying to convert experiences and the real world into bits and bytes to be assimilated and analyzed–but even I appreciate the uniqueness and importance of these relationships happening face-to-face to further our mission.

COVID-19 didn’t make our task any easier. Like every organization on the planet, we were facing an accelerated digital transformation that touched the very core of our mission and how we … Read more

Recession investing, it appears, will soon be a thing of the past. The UK economy is expected to grow by 14.3{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} in the July–September quarter, after the disastrous contraction of 20.4{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} in the last one. This prediction is based on a recent Financial Times report, which draws upon an HM Treasury compilation of forecasts by City economists. 

This is hardly surprising. June numbers had already shown 8.7{429fc2506e610357e12b2a5665db82631200a2e00b3a1d8839077d76f18e2e8b} growth as the Covid-19-driven lockdown started ebbing. By extension, economic activity is only expected to pick up speed as more businesses restart. The Bank of England has already predicted a V-shaped recovery. While all sectors will benefit from this, I reckon that consumption-led stocks will be the best ones to buy in this time of recession investing. 

Recession investing in three categories

There are three kinds of investments that I’m looking at in particular. One, non-food retail stocks. While FTSE 100 grocers … Read more