Upon joining the Salesforce.org Education Cloud team as an associate product manager (APM), I’ve had the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with and learn from individuals with a history of innovation in the education sector and decades of expertise in building technologies for social good. 

Our team at Education Cloud builds innovative solutions that drive success for students, faculty, staff, and educational institutions at scale. One of the greatest highlights during my time on the Education Cloud team was the opportunity to co-host our most anticipated event this spring: the inaugural student Conversation Design Chatbot Competition for Education

This competition was the first in a series of initiatives for higher education students to build innovative and impactful solutions using Salesforce technology, while also enabling Salesforce.org to invest in higher ed student learning and promote opportunities for traditionally underrepresented groups in tech. 

Student teams from Georgetown University, Seattle Central College, and
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The FTSE 100, the UK’s main stock market index, has ridden a rocky road over the past five years. In mid-June 2016, prior to the UK’s Brexit referendum, the blue-chip index hovered around 6,000 points. In both January and May 2018, it surged above 7,775 points, hitting an all-time closing high of 7,877.45 on 22 May 2018. So far, so good.

The FTSE 100 crashes 35%

The index then drifted up and down until 17 January 2020, when it closed at nearly 7,675 points. But then catastrophe arrived as the Covid-19 virus spread. As global infections rose, the Footsie crashed spectacularly, plunging to close at 4,993.89 on ‘Meltdown Monday’ (23 March 2020). The index lost over 2,680 points in two months, collapsing more than a third (34.9%). However, in the subsequent 16 months, the index recovered much of its losses and currently trades around 7,139.55 points. That’s a capital … Read more

This past year, drastic changes to the education and workforce landscape have created more demand for upskilling and enabled a wider reach for executive education. Most programs are now focused on establishing relevant starting points for professional learners, gaining new operational efficiencies, and delivering exceptional experiences so that learners continually return. New innovations have positively impacted executive education initiatives, creating opportunities for sustainable growth and real impact.

In conversations with executive education leaders and expert organizations, such as UNICON: Global Consortium of University Based Executive Education, we’ve seen a few key strategies emerge as institutions innovate to support professional learners, and grow their program impact and revenue.

Institutions are focused on improving the reach, scalability, and deliverability of programs in new and different ways, which is both process and technology enabled.

1. Adopt a CRM Strategy

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I reckon FTSE 100 stocks remain one of the best ways to build serious long-term wealth for my future, for one simple reason. Dividends.

The index of top British blue-chips pays some of the most generous dividends in the world, and could help me get rich enough to retire with a degree of comfort, although I know this isn’t ever guaranteed.

Many investors underestimate the power of dividends. They fail to see how those apparently small payouts add up over time. New research from Interactive Investor confirms what I’ve believed for years. Reinvesting dividends from FTSE 100 stocks is a winner

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If you’re looking to maximize the biggest season for nonprofit fundraising, now is the time to ensure your data, systems, and marketing campaigns are set up correctly, giving yourself plenty of time to test and iterate for success.

If we’ve learned anything from this past year, it’s that agility is the key to driving impact. Forced to adapt, many made a shift to digital strategy for the first time, continuing their mission-critical work while making impressive pivots to achieve new and better results for their communities.

In this post, we highlight five digital strategies that can be applied to your end-of-year fundraising campaigns with Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising. So here we go, let’s dig into five ways you can weave digital into your end-of-year fundraising campaign.

If you want to maximize the biggest season for nonprofit fundraising, now is the time to ensure your data, systems, and marketing campaigns
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