Here are six words that are hard to believe: Dreamforce is right around the corner! Is it just me, or does it feel like we’re only two months — three tops — into 2021? Nevertheless, here we are in mid-September already, with the Salesforce event of the year just a few days away. Although Dreamforce won’t be happening in-person this year, we’ve been hard at work to bring this year’s event into your home office, living room, or makeshift bedroom office in an exciting new way.

For a more detailed look at what we’ve been working on over the last few months to make this event one to remember, here are the top four reasons why you should attend Dreamforce 2021. PLUS a surprise additional event at the end. I know you want to read all the way to the bottom!

1. Say Hello to Salesforce+ — The Netflix

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Bullish: Stuart Blair

It’s hard to be bullish on easyJet (LSE: EZJ) shares when it continues to deliver bad news. But while I believe that volatility is here to stay for the short term, I feel that there is long-term upside potential. Here’s why.

Firstly, there are signs that international travel is making a comeback. Indeed, easyJet expects capacity this quarter to be 60% of 2019 levels, compared to just 17% in Q3. Further, the health secretary Sajid Javid, has recently indicated that compulsory PCR tests will be abandoned in favour of lateral flow tests. This should open travel up to a significantly larger number of people, and easyJet will be a prime beneficiary.

Secondly, there is the possibility that easyJet may be a takeover target soon. This comes after Wizz Air reportedly approached the airline, with an all-share deal. Although it was reported that this deal “significantly undervalued” the … Read more

By: Nicole Hedges, Principal Customer Success Architect,; Marquetta Drakes, Principal Functional Consultant,

It’s 2021. Most of us in the industry have been through a system implementation or two — or twenty — by now. We may have even executed part of it — or all of it — remotely in this digital age. That being said, we are still learning a lot about how to make virtual go-lives more successful every day.

This post will take a deep dive into a customer use case that broke the typical virtual go-live mold. This conversation with Nicole Hedges, principal customer success architect at, and Marquetta Drakes, a principal functional consultant at, covers the many insights and tips the Professional Services team learned as they implemented a customer twice on the other side of the world during a global pandemic.

The Professional Services team offer tips from a
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Bullish: Alan Oscroft

Why am I bullish about Lloyds Banking Group (LSE:LLOY) shares, after seeing them tumble since I bought back in 2015? It’s all about the income for me, and I see enough indications of progressive dividend growth in the coming years.

The interim dividend was restored this year, and I think we could easily be back to yields above 4% before much longer.

Will the cash be there to drive that dividend growth? Lloyds is the UK’s biggest mortgage lender, and I’m seeing no signs of house sales cooling. At least, the nation’s housebuilders are reporting strong demand and healthy order books.

Times of low interest rates are not good for banks, but they won’t be here forever. We’re already seeing inflation coming back, with the annual rate leaping to 3.2% in August. If there’s much more of that, those rates could soon rise.

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Lionheart Astro helps nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations reach their full potential.

When you’re working to make the world a better place, it helps to have a champion — but not just any champion. You need a hero with a bold voice, lots of courage, and a heart of gold.

That’s Lionheart Astro. And if you’re a nonprofit, educational institution or philanthropy, they’re here to meet your unique needs.

Lionheart Astro helps nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations reach their full potential.

Astro, Supercharged.

Lionheart Astro — an integral member of the Salesforce family of characters — is a supercharged version of Astro Nomical, and serves as your guide to all things

A noble advocate, Lionheart Astro is graced with extra doses of bravery and compassion — and, if we do say so ourselves, a super-snazzy lion suit.

Why a Lion?

Lions are both protective and social. They fight for … Read more