Degree has collaborated with consumers with disabilities and a diverse group of experts to come up with a concept deodorant that makes application easier

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. In the United States alone, one in four people have a disability, yet beauty and personal care products often overlook their challenges and needs. As the world’s no.1 antiperspirant and deodorant brand, Degree is taking action to change this.

Degree – also sold as Rexona, Sure and Shield in different countries – believes movement has the power to transform lives and that everyone should be able to experience the incredible physical, mental and social benefits it can bring, whoever you are and however you move.

Limited sight or arm mobility can make twisting a deodorant cap, turning a stick or pressing a spray a challenge, and sometimes fear of sweating without antiperspirant protection … Read more

The ad campaign highlights Michelin as a part of everyday life across the globe

Michelin Group has launched its largest advertising campaign in years, spanning television, digital and social media. Rather than focusing on a product, this “Motion for Life” campaign celebrates the brand’s role in facilitating the motion that is critical for life and human development.

The campaign’s concept highlights the breadth and diversity of the solutions the brand offers around the world. From heavy industry to everyday transportation, recreation and travel, Michelin’s impact on mobility reaches across cultures and countries.

The fast-paced ads were filmed in nine locations around the world and can be seen here. Renowned French advertising agency BETC designed the campaign, which will manifest across media not only in North America, but in every global region Michelin serves.

The common theme of the campaign is motion – of people, goods and ideas. Michelin is often … Read more

Estrella Damm partners with Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw in its latest sustainability focused campaign

Estrella Damm, the beer of Barcelona, has recently partnered with Celebrity Chef Nathan Outlaw to create a dish that highlights the potential future of fish, if we don’t do more to protect our oceans.

Outlaw’s recipe is made using ingredients you wouldn’t usually find in a classic Friday night fish and chip supper. Cornish sole, oysters, pickled red cabbage, tallow and seaweed feature instead of the classic and much-loved cod and chips.

The dish acts as a reminder that if we don’t act now to reduce plastic pollution and make more sustainable choices, then the things we love, such as our Friday night fish and chips, may become a thing of the past.

This partnership between Outlaw and Estrella Damm is part of the “Lovers” campaign, the second film in its sustainability focused campaign. … Read more

McDonald’s campaign reflects how in a covid-normal world, nights-in have become the new nights-out

McDonald’s partners with Publicis Communications to present Night-In, a brand engagement platform that reflects how in a covid-normal world, nights-in have become the new nights-out.

The Night-In campaign’s first film has been created in collaboration with Director Roslee Yusof from Freeflow Productions. It mirrors and celebrates the newfound joys of staying home – dubbed “Cocoon Culture”.

The idea was sparked by a Publicis study conducted in partnership with Milieu Data, which sought to understand changes in consumer behaviour over the pandemic period. The regional study featured almost 20,000 respondents from Singapore and analysed data based on the preferred activities of consumers over weekends.

The study found that an overwhelming amount of respondents in Singapore preferred staying in, with 79% indicating their preference to stay home and enjoy a quiet meal with the family. The numbers … Read more

Mars Wrigley’s gum brand, EXTRA has portrayed an exaggerated version of the post-lockdown mood in their latest spot

Mars Wrigley UK has released a new TV ad as part of its new mission to help the public get their Ding! back.

As the UK looks ahead to a non-lockdown world, Mars Wrigley’s gum brand, EXTRA has portrayed an exaggerated version of the post-lockdown mood, showcasing the lighter side of reality and the newfound energy the nation has, for what was previously their mundane day-to-day lives.

Excitement and a thrill for a non-socially distanced life are shown in a series of scenarios, including the demise of virtual work meetings, kissing passionately in public and returning to the morning commute.

Created with Energy BBDO, the ad is part of EXTRA’s Get Your Ding Back campaign, encouraging Brits across the nation to get their confidence back and enjoy a more energised … Read more