Tesco has introduced a new line of 88 products that will help the company to reduce waste. They have partnered with Loop to make this happen. The new feature will allow a customer to buy products from the range and return the containers in store once its contents are finished. The store will then send the containers to be cleaned, refilled and put back on its shelves. 

The service will be available at 10 stores in eastern England, offering a range of popular products including some of Tesco’s own-brand items. In partnership with Loop, the global reusable packaging platform, you can now buy a wide range of food, drink, household and beauty products in reusable packaging.


Essentially the shopping experience wont be much different than usual. The majority of people will go and do their shopping weekly – the only difference is that at these 10 stores, you will Read more

Fortnite has teamed up with yet another big brand. The Fortnite X Balenciaga collaboration features new ‘skins’ in the Fortnite item shop which was to be expected. To top the cake, Balenciaga has released a new line of ‘Fortnite 2021’ clothing. With its designer name, the pieces range from around $400 – $1,300 and hardly by surprise, the majority of the line is sold out.

Collaboration Crazy.

A similar concept took place in 2019, when Louis Vuitton launched a line based on the game League of Legends. Although the idea is not necessarily original, it has been very effective for both parties involved. If you know Fortnite, you will know they tend to go above and beyond in terms of advertisement. 

Past collaborations include the brand teaming up with stars like Travis Scott and Marshmallow. They have also worked closely with DC comics in the past, as well as with Read more

Asos and Primark have both announced their wishes to follow a more sustainable fashion route. The firms have a range of targets that they aim to achieve in the coming years in order to create a better brand.

What is Asos doing about sustainability?

Asos says it is aiming to achieve a net-zero impact on the environment by 2030. Asos announced its new environmental and social targets. They include:

  • Reducing carbon emissions generated by its clothes production and deliveries
  • Ensuring all of its own-brand products are made from sustainable or recycled materials by 2030
  • Giving customers more information on its supply chain
  • Recruiting a more diverse workforce, including 50% female representation across its leadership team

Asos chief executive, Nick Beighton, said: “We need to work with our partners on this to offset any minimal cost increases we anticipate from doing this.” He added that he expects more consumers to choose Read more

TikTok has decided to take a leap in the right direction, by making the app safer to use for people who struggle with mental health. The new features include guides on wellbeing and support for people who are struggling with eating disorders. There is also a search intervention feature that directs users to support resources if they look up terms such as “suicide”.

The move comes as rival platform Instagram comes under fresh scrutiny over its impact on users’ wellbeing. In TikTok’s announcement  they noted, “We care deeply about our community, and we always look for new ways in which we can nurture their well-being. That’s why we’re taking additional steps to make it easier for people to find resources when they need them on TikTok.”

A report by the Education Policy Institute and The Princes Trust earlier this year found that teenagers’ mental health was being damaged by heavy Read more

Doja Cat works with Pepsi to promote their new flavours in their latest advert. The R&B star recorded her rendition of “you’re the one that I want” for the Grease inspired commercial, giving the doo-wap track a more modern and uptempo feel.

The singer and rapper was announced as the new Pepsi Ambassador on Friday, with a new campaign to celebrate the launch of the Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop. A modern take on classic soda shop flavours, first releases are their new Cream Soda and Black Cherry fizzy drinks. 

As part of the nostalgic, yet modern campaign, Doja stars as Sandy as she sings her heart out for the one that she wants… Pepsi. Doja Cat said that it was an “insane” honour to be the new face of Pepsi. “It was such a huge part of my childhood to watch TV and watch all of the commercials, and the Pepsi Read more