Last year saw many firms suspend or halt their dividends. Times were tough, and uncertain, and companies needed to make cuts. Though we are hoping for better now, there is still much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, vaccines, and the economic impact of lockdowns. With all this to worry about, here is what to look for when selecting dividend shares this year.

My top three criteria for dividend shares in uncertain times

Many of my normal rules for selecting dividend shares go out the window when times are risky. However, some become more important than ever. Even in these uncertain times, there are strong companies out there performing well. Some of these firms pay dividends. If their shares are trading at lower prices now, then it may be possible to lock in high yields.

Reduce risk with big blue chip stocks

In risky times, when looking to invest for income, this is … Read more

During the first three years of Donald Trump’s presidency, the economy did quite well. The unemployment rate hit a 50-year low, income growth doubled, and the economic expansion he inherited grew into the longest in American history.

But that all came to a shrieking halt when COVID-19 hit.

In a two-month period, February to April 2020, the unemployment rate soared to an 80-year high and the number of employed Americans fell from 152.5 million to 130.3 million. Those 22.2 million job losses set U.S. employment back to 1999 levels.

Since, the economy has moved from contraction to expansion and seen 12.3 million jobs return. However, it hasn’t been enough to offset the job losses that occurred during the pandemic.

That means that Trump will become the first post–World War II president to see employment fall during his presidency. It last occurred when Herbert Hoover left office in 1933 amid … Read more

Your high-tier offers aren’t always the biggest profit drivers in your business.

You’d be surprised to find that sometimes, your low-ticket or mid-ticket offers might be your biggest source of revenue. The thing is—not every business owner knows what their profit drivers are. Since revenue is only one part of the equation, profit drivers can be hidden in plain sight.

Let’s shine some light on the profit drivers you didn’t know existed. As an ELITE Coach and founder of Jeronamo Solutions, Monique Morrison has figured out exactly how to know what products and services are bringing in the cash—and which are burning through it. In her Lab workshop, she went over how to look at your revenue vs. resources to build an evergreen growth machine.

We’re going to take a look at part of that training today, with a point-based system that Monique’s nailed down to show us … Read more

Moving Past the Jargon: Why Thought Leadership is an Essential Marketing Tool for Your Business For a while there, the term “thought leadership” seemed destined for the dustbin of marketing history. Part jargon, part cliche, the term became synonymous with personal brand builders who plied their trade in breathless LinkedIn posts or at TEDx talks held in hotel conference rooms. Fortunately, savvy marketers rescued the thought leader from this ignominious fate by refocusing the concept into a powerful business growth strategy.

Today, thought leadership is a content marketing approach that positions a company, executive or other subject matter expert as the go-to resource in their field. Influential thought leaders produce content that answers their customers’ questions, provides solutions to pressing problems or offers the audience a new point-of-view to consider.

When executed correctly, these campaigns include their own strategies, tactics, goals and measures to judge effectiveness. As those … Read more

Coors Light is immortalising the Latino football legend on limited-edition cans and rallying fans’ support

Tom “The Iceman” Flores is a four-time pro-football champion and a trailblazing coach, but he has yet to receive his sport’s greatest honour: induction into the hall. A noted Coors Light drinker, Flores is about to get a big show of support from his favourite beer.

Coors Light is unveiling a new campaign that advocates for Flores’ rightful place amongst other football greats. The brand is honouring Flores’ barrier-breaking legacy as the first Latino player to serve as both starting quarterback and head coach, with a new video spot, a petition of support for beer drinkers to sign, and a limited-edition can with Flores’ picture alongside the iconic Coors Light mountains. To sweeten the deal, Coors Light will also give away up to 30,000 beers so fans can toast to Flores’ hopeful induction in February.… Read more