Today, I’d like to talk about a trend I’ve observed. It’s a trend that’s turning into an engagement epidemic in social media. It uses polls and questions to try to create more attention, thinking that will create more sales. Some of these polls will get a thousand people to check one of the boxes, but my question is, does it lead to the opportunity to have a sales conversation? Well, maybe. When you get down to business, the only thing that matters is sales, right?

When somebody posts a question and they get a ton of people answering it, or they do a poll and they get say a thousand people going in and taking their poll, does it really lead to business?

Success Tips?

I’ve seen all kinds of tips and tricks over the years, but I’m here to tell you, it just depends on who you’re talking to … Read more

By: Corey Rittvo Senior Product Manager, Education Cloud and Stephanie Zeitz, Senior Product and Solutions Manager, Impact Labs

Prior to the pandemic, there were already tremendous disparities in college enrollment for Black and Latinx students in the United States. The past two years have only added more challenges for the least-represented students to begin their postsecondary educational journeys.

In 2021, 270,000 fewer graduating high-school seniors completed the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal financial aid is a crucial component to getting students, especially those from lower-income backgrounds, into higher education. This troubling decline in FAFSA applications indicates that the students who need the most assistance are getting stuck at the first step.

That’s why Impact Labs brought together a team of community experts and Salesforce employee volunteers to co-create a solution that helps students navigate the FAFSA application.

Representatives from 15 organizations, including Morehouse College, Ivy Tech Community Read more

I firmly believe that owning stocks and shares is one of the easiest ways to generate a passive income for life. The great thing about this strategy is that anyone can follow it. Even with an investment of just £100 a week, I think it could be possible to generate a passive income for life.

As such, here is the approach I would use to invest a sum of £100 a month in the stock market to generate an income. 

Building the pot

An investment of £100 a week will not be enough to generate a passive income stream overnight. However, it will form the beginnings of a portfolio that will grow steadily over time.

An investment of £100 a week also means I will be putting away £5,200 a year. At the time of writing, the FTSE 100 supports an average dividend yield of 3.8%. It has returned around … Read more

There are few things more important than choosing the perfect name for your brand.

Stephanie Nivinskus knows how to pick the good ones. She has been writing and telling stories since she was 11, and in 2009, she launched her company SizzleForce Marketing (great name, right?). They provide marketing services for small businesses and also teach/train people how to market on their own through their SizzleForce Marketing Academy. In today’s episode, Stephanie sits down with host Jenna Snavely to talk about all the things you need to consider if you want your brand name to be awesome.

Listen in for some expert tips (dos AND don’ts) for choosing an unforgettable and evergreen name for your brand.


  • How to choose a name that showcases your brand’s promise and personality 
  • Core branding exercises people often skip over (and shouldn’t)
  • The smart way vs. the dumb way
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Deliveroo expressed that the takeaway service is still booming despite the return of restaurants and the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

The company noted that although the average order size is falling, down from £24.20 a year ago to £23.80. The food delivery service reported a 59% increase in UK orders between July and September, partly owing to new partnerships with Amazon and Morrisons.

“We expect further strong performance in the remainder of the year,” said Will Shu, founder and chief executive.

Deliveroo had 35.8 million orders in the UK and Ireland, compared with 22.6 million in the same period in 2020. Taking account of international orders, the figure climbed to 74.6 million, up from 45.4 million, a 64% rise. The company said that the average customer ordered 3.3 times a month between July and September “despite the widespread removal of lockdown restrictions”.

The company was boosted by a deal with Read more