Many great penny stocks have slumped in value as concerns over the economic recovery have risen. I think this gives eagle-eyed UK share investors a chance to nip in and grab a bargain or two.

Here are some top dirt-cheap stocks that are on my radar following recent price weakness.

Say cheese

Strong trading has brought Arabian Food Industries Company Domty (LSE: DOMT) into my crosshairs. This London-quoted share supplies a broad range of cheeses in the Egyptian food market under the Domty brand. And sales here have been going much stronger than anticipated (turnover jumped 32% year-on-year in the third quarter).

I’m confident Domty could experience strong and sustained sales growth too. Certainly as population levels in Egypt rise strongly and personal wealth levels increase. The country’s population grew almost 2% in 2020, for instance, World Bank statistics show. Despite the threat of rising raw material prices, I think … Read more

I usually can’t stand it when people start thinking about Christmas in August. But I fear I might be following their lead by starting to think about investing in stocks for 2022. In my defence, the New Year is only two-and-a-bit months away, so I think I can be excused!

The big themes for 2022

Let’s say I want the amount I invest to reflect the year to come, so I’d go for £2,022! When looking to invest this amount with one eye on next year, I want to start by considering what the large issues could be going forward. From there, I can allocate my money accordingly to the best places.

I can see various issues being important in 2022. I think Covid-19 will continue to cause uncertainty. Climate change and the push towards renewable energy is likely to be high up the agenda. Interest rates will also likely … Read more

Doing anything for the first time ever is really hard. I recently helped plan a big event and as a content marketer…well…let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite task. That’s why the spirit in the sky created marketing templates.

When you’re starting from scratch and you find a template.

I know that I would be lost and alone without so many of these templates. I’ve used them myself, as a constant employee of startups, and I can’t imagine what other marketers do without them. So if you want to be proud of building from the ground up while not reinventing the wheel, take a look!

We’ve got templates for big plans, small requests, and everything in between. Many of them are our own, but we’ve included plenty of templates from others just in case you get sick of us.

Have at it!

Marketing templates table of contents

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Inflation is on the rise again. The latest consumer price numbers for the UK have come in at above 3% year-on-year for the second consecutive month in September. This has two implications for my portfolio. 

Inflation’s impact on my portfolio

One, if price rises remain uncomfortably high, the Bank of England will step in and increase interest rates. That may bring inflation down, but it will probably impact the already somewhat muted recovery. This will show up in companies’ financials and also in their stock market performances. 

Two, while high inflation is around, it is eating into our income. This means that the real value of every pound we earn is declining. And that holds true for passive earnings or dividend income too. So, I would like to buy stocks that earn me higher dividend yields than the rise in inflation. 

Gold stocks: a safe investment?

There is one stock … Read more

There are several elements of information every business needs to have to remain competitive in the market.

1. A description of your business

2. Analysis of your competition

3. A Complete Marketing plan

4. Hiring the right people, wait! What was number 3?  

A Complete Marketing Plan….Humm, Interesting!  

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency and you don’t have a Video Marketer as part of your team, let’s just say your company might be a little malnourished.  What I mean by that is, you have all the other nutrients to feed the marketing giant except, the most appealing treat of them all Video!

You say, “We already have a video person in our company, what’s the difference”?  There is a distinction between a Video Marketer and a Video Production person.  A Video Production person knows how to use all the tools to create a video.  A Video Marketer not … Read more