The Diversified Energy (LSE: DEC) share price has fallen by 20% since early October and is down by around 12% so far this year. This weakness has left the US gas producer trading at under 100p and offering a 12% dividend yield.

A yield this high is unusual. In my experience it’s often a sign of problems to come. But Diversified’s payout has risen steadily since its flotation in 2017 and the company’s latest trading update didn’t seem to reveal any new problems. Is DEC an overlooked bargain I should buy for my portfolio?

What’s the story?

Diversified Energy is a slightly unusual business. The company operates around 69,000 gas producing wells in the USA, in states including Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

These wells are generally older wells that are past peak production. Diversified buys the wells from other operators and then runs them for cash until they reach the … Read more

If you want to be successful in today’s world, today’s guest says the name of the game is to make your competitors irrelevant.

In today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with guest Brian Pombo of the Off the Grid Biz podcast. Brian’s new book, 9 Ways to Amazon-Proof Your Business: How To Stand Out in Your Industry & Make Every Competitor Irrelevant, is based on things he learned over three years of podcasting. He shares his top 3 ways with Mark.

Listen in for tips on getting noticed by the market you’re trying to reach. 

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  • How to get 10x the effect out of anything you do
  • Tips for being everywhere your ideal client is
  • Ways to repurpose every piece of content you have
  • Which is more important: quality or quantity


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What is permission marketing? To understand permission marketing, you must understand its opposite, interruption marketing.

Permission Marketing vs Interruption Marketing

Interruption marketing is advertising in the traditional way. The Internet has made interruption marketing worse with more clutter than in the old days when advertising was primarily limited to Newspapers, Radio, and Network TV stations. Permission marketing, in contrast, uses a strategy to get prospects to provide you with various levels of permission to market them, making them far more receptive to your message.

To combat and stick out in the clutter of interruption marketing, saturation marketers are forced to change ads more often to keep the message fresh and to gain the prospect’s attention. This is expensive and achieves poor response rates, especially today with the proliferation of ad fraud.

However, with permission marketing, permission is the asset. It is less about new customer acquisition and more about … Read more

Selfridges’ owner, the Weston family has been seeking about £4 billion for the department store chain, is understood to have agreed terms with Central Group in the last few days and wants to close the deal by the end of the year. According to the Times, which first reported the deal. 

The UK retailer owns 25 outlets, including a huge flagship store in London’s Oxford Street, and branches in Dublin, the Netherlands and Canada.

Selfridges was founded in 1908 by US retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge. The chain has been owned by the billionaire Westons for 18 years.

The Weston family put the chain up for sale in June, a few months after the death of Galen Weston, who oversaw the move to take the department store private in 2003.

The family control Selfridges through Wittington Investments Ltd, in Canada, which is separate from the UK arm of the same Read more

Today, is excited to announce the release of the Community Impact Report 2021. Our fourth annual report shows how our customers are using the resources provides to create and increase their social impact. Given the incredible hardships and changes our communities have endured the past 20 months, the ability to offer more targeted guidance and support to help our customers to fulfill their missions has never been greater. Having data and evidence enables us to better target resources that can deliver the greatest impact.

What’s New For 2021?

Something new for this year is the format of the report, which has been built as a Tableau dashboard. The report can now be more easily accessed from anywhere. In addition to the new format, this is the second year that we’ve used our Customer Outcomes Survey to gather data. This survey allows us to look at … Read more