Your marketing clients are just like you.

As a marketing consultant or agency owner, you want to see:

  1. More traffic
  2. More engagement
  3. More subscribers
  4. More customers
  5. Higher customer lifetime value

These metrics are the foundations of a successful business (whether it’s a marketing agency or an ecommerce drop shipping business). If you don’t have traffic, you won’t have customers. And if you don’t focus on your customer lifetime value, you won’t have a sustainable business model.

This is exactly why these are the metrics your marketing clients want to see. They want to know you’re increasing their brand awareness and marketing to their customers after the first sale. Because that’s how you build a long-term relationship with the brands you work with and create a marketing consultancy that makes people ask, “How the heck did you pull that off?!”

And it all starts with focusing on these 5 metrics and Read more

Many higher ed institutions are investing in new business models with an emphasis on attracting and engaging lifelong learners. With the demand for shorter, more flexible programs on the rise and overall enrollment numbers declining, institutions are looking for ways to get back to growth.

Research from the second edition of the Connected Student Report shows that many of these new models are likely here to stay as many institutions are expanding their offerings, hiring new leadership roles, and doubling down on strategic plans for the long term. In fact, 45% of staff surveyed say their institution is implementing new business models.

In this blog, we’ll share key findings from the second edition of the Connected Student Report and offer suggestions for how your institution can begin exploring new business models.

Innovation Is More Important Than Tradition

The challenge for colleges and universities as they plan for a post-pandemic future … Read more

9 – Unlock Limited Edition Community Badges, Earn Swags, Trailblazer hoodie, certification vouchers – October 2021

9 – unlock a limited-edition community badge and enter for a chance to win a Swags and Trailblazer hoodie, Salesforce certification vouchers, and importantly updating your salesforce knowledge by yourself using Trailhead platform, then why you wait!

Navigate from Trailhead -> Community (menu) -> Quests (Quick Link)

In this video covered following topics:

1) Where the limited edition community badge displayed in your trailblazer profile
2) How to achieve limited-edition community badge, salesforce swags & salesforce certification vouchers thru Trailhead Platform
3) What all are the limited-edition community badge available to crack this October month

1. Trick or Trailhead VII (Salesforce usually provide the fun way limited edition community badge during the time for Halloween period, To earn this limited-edition community badge, Complete any Trailhead badge (either module/projects from Oct 21 – Oct … Read more

The BT (LSE:BT-A) share price has been on a downward trajectory since the middle of 2021. Will this change as we enter November? Let’s take a look at what might go right and, conversely, what might go wrong.

BT share price: reasons to be optimistic

Perhaps the most pertinent reason for thinking the selling pressure may reverse is talk that the company is readying itself for a takeover bid.

Now, labelling the commications stalwart as a potential target isn’t exactly new. However, last week’s news that CEO Philip Jansen had instructed advisory firm Robey Warshaw to work with Goldman Sachs to resist advances from French billionaire Patrick Drahi’s firm Altice has reignited rumours.

Based on its current valuation, I can see why Altice might be interested. Yes, BT’s share price has climbed a very solid 41% in the last 12 months. Nonetheless, it’s still 61% down on where it stood … Read more

The big holiday season is fast approaching. 

Is your ecommerce store ready?

There’s a lot to do to prepare your ecommerce business for the holiday season

To help you out, here’s a quick Twitter marketing checklist for ecommerce businesses to use:

# 1. Research Relevant Hashtags and Set Up Your Tracking

Hashtags are key to Twitter success: Apart from letting your content get discovered by people outside of your circles, hashtags also help you and your team brainstorm more effective content and seasonal special offers.

Surprisingly, there are not many tools for hashtag research, so you will have to spend some time searching Twitter and trying to narrow down your list. To give you a head start, here are a few cool tools for you discover your best-working holiday-related hashtags:

1. is a cool freemium keyword research tool that includes a very helpful hashtag research feature. For free, … Read more