September’s proved to be a washout for many UK share prices. The FTSE 100 has fallen 1% in the month to date as concerns over a Chinese property market crash and rising inflation have grown. British stocks could struggle for momentum as 2021 draws to a close, too, should worries over rising Covid-19 rates, the Chinese economy, and earlier-than-expected central bank tightening worsen.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop shopping for UK shares, however. As someone who invests for the long term, the possibility of temporary share price weakness doesn’t put me off. I think there are too many magnificently cheap stocks out there to miss following the September sell-off.

Here are what I consider to be two of the best cheap stocks to buy for my portfolio right now.

A cheap UK stock for the pets boom

Pet ownership in the UK has gone through the roof due to Covid-19 … Read more

You hear a lot about analytics these days: how brands need to use “the numbers” to create content and advertising campaigns.

It’s supposed to make you more efficient: analytics tell you what worked and what didn’t so you can create more of what worked.

Sounds logical– what’s not to like?

I’m not going to argue against analytics. It’s useful to know what’s resonating with your target audience. You’d be foolish to ignore that information.

But numbers aren’t the whole story. If you follow them slavishly, you’ll limit yourself to what’s worked before. You’ll shy away from breaking new ground.

Without consciously thinking about it, you’ll be more averse to risk, more apt to play it safe– and that’s the biggest risk of all for a brand.

Ogilvy UK’s Rory Sutherland writes that data doesn’t always reveal the truth.

What looked like gender bias in admissions at UC Berkeley, wasn’t. … Read more

Once a year, the global nonprofit community comes together to collaborate, share best practices, and connect at Dreamforce. This year, the focus is on building unique experiences to drive mission impact.

Dreamforce welcomed trailblazers of all sizes in the nonprofit sector, including International Justice Mission, UNICEF Australia, Canadian Cancer Society, Autism Plus, and more to share their stories and speak at the event’s global mainstage and in breakout sessions — all of which are available to watch with a free Salesforce+ account.

How International Justice Mission is Using Salesforce to Drive Impact

During the keynote, International Justice Mission (IJM) shared how they’re using technology to deliver on their 2030 Strategic Vision which maps out a plan for rescuing millions, protecting half a billion, and bringing justice for those in poverty. A big component of the vision is to use technology to transform the struggle of justice … Read more

The Covid crisis has opened up a wealth divide between richer and poorer families. Wealthier Brits saved money during lockdowns as they cancelled foreign holidays and saved on commuting costs. In contrast, many poorer families face financial hardship and have mounting rent arrears caused by job losses and reduced income. Across the UK, rent arrears add up to a staggering £360 million according to charity StepChange.

What is behind the rent arrears crisis? Is it likely to continue? And what you can do if you are facing financial difficulty and can’t pay your rent? Here’s what you need to know.


Why is there a rent arrears crisis?

It’s simple: if you have no money, you can’t pay the bills. And that’s what’s happened for thousands of lower-income families during the Covid crisis. As their money ran out, many poorer families faced escalating rent arrears. Factors leading to the … Read more

Disrupting Disruption

Today I want to talk about a great marketing system can overcome disruption in business. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of disruption over the last handful of years. I was in a networking meeting this morning with a handful of people. And one person said, “I really do need to market more, but I’m too busy. What I really need is to just find some leads.”

Many businesses, when they get disrupted immediately say, we need more leads. We need to create more sales. Well, there’s a big difference between leads and sales. So let me explain.

Buying or Earning Leads

There are two different ways to find leads. A lead is obviously something that could lead to a sale. You can buy leads or you can earn leads. Now I belong to a group, a networking group, and it was a … Read more