Google Ads is the No. 1 paid advertising platform on the planet, allowing businesses to reach a vast audience of potential customers. 

The Google Display Network (GDN), which comprises more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps, reaches over 90% of all internet users worldwide—and nearly 65% of those users are reached on a daily basis. 

Put simply, Google Ads is the strongest marketing tool you have at your disposal, which makes getting it right all the more important when it comes to growing and scaling your business. The catch? 

Doing things exactly the way Google tells you to do them is wrong. 

I have seen evidence of this over and over again with Solutions 8 clients who followed Google’s instructions to the letter but still weren’t seeing the results they wanted from their campaigns.

Full disclosure: My team and I learned the hard way, too. Which … Read more

When I transitioned into the marketing field after teaching elementary school students for over a decade, I initially thought that the two realms would be completely separate from each other without much overlap. I prepared for a steep learning curve coming from an industry so very unlike the new adventure I was embarking on. I swiftly realized, however, that while teaching is no doubt very different than the marketing world, there are many solid lessons from my teaching background that I can build on. In this blog I discuss six marketing lessons that I’ve learned directly from my experience working in an elementary school environment.

1. Create Your Content Marketing With Your Audience In Mind

As a teacher, perhaps the biggest thing you have to remember is that each student in your classroom is their own unique person with incredibly unique needs. As such, it’s essential to differentiate your instruction … Read more

Automaker Hyundai Motor Group has launched a pilot project to deploy a robot to inspect safety at its factory, in a first collaboration with the US-based robotics group Boston Dynamics.

Hyundai said that the factory safety service robot based on Boston Dynamic’s four-legged robot ‘Spot’, went into pilot operation at its subsidiary Kia Corp.‘s plant in Gwangmyeong, southwest of Seoul.

It is the first project launched between the two companies after the automotive group in June completed the $880 million acquisition from Japanese conglomerate Softbank.

Click here to see the YouTube video on ‘Spot’

Hyundai said the robot is capable of automatically navigating the factory with the help of its artificial intelligence processing unit, teleoperation technologies and other sensors.

In the video clip, the robotic dog climbs up and down stairs to navigate the empty Kia factory after dark and checks whether equipment is hot or if doors are Read more

If you’ve been part of the Salesforce community for a while, you’ve certainly heard of Trailhead — the fun way to learn about all things Salesforce. You may have even earned some badges. Behind the scenes, there’s a team that dreamed big and delivered on Trailhead to the tune of six-figure results. As we cross the milestone of having 1 million Trailhead badges earned, now is a great opportunity to reflect and share key takeaways on what our team learned through the process of designing and implementing a learning program on Trailhead.

Road-Tested Tips for Designing a Learning Program

In early 2018, a band of adventurers who came to be known as the Trailhead Editorial Board set out to reach customers, partners, and pro bono volunteers with a comprehensive menu of skills-based training. The challenge was to meet the needs of multiple audiences. We envisioned six new solution … Read more

Freelancing can be a tough gig. And I should know – I’ve been a freelance writer for the last seven years.

Nevertheless, according to IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed), it’s a growing sector within the self-employment market. In fact, in 2020, there were more than two million freelancers in the UK contributing a whopping £162 billion to the economy.

A further 293,000 people freelanced as a side hustle alongside their day job – and that’s how I started. But with a boost from a freelancer website, I was lucky enough to turn it into a full-time job. Here’s what I learned. 


How do freelancer websites work?

As a freelancer, you’ll usually be able to sign up to a platform for free and search a huge range of jobs and projects. 

You’ll then have the opportunity to quote or ‘pitch’ for jobs you like the look … Read more