The quarterly FTSE 100 reshuffle is not far away. While two of the stocks likely to move into the top tier will come as no surprise (Morrisons and Meggitt are both risers that are subject to takeover bids), the third promoted stock is one some investors may never have heard of. Today, I’ll put that right by talking about Dechra Pharmaceuticals (LSE: DPH) — a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling products for veterinarians. 

Has Dechra been doing well?

You could say that. Thanks to a combination of manufacturing sites remaining operational during the pandemic and the explosion of pet ownership, this firm has been very busy indeed. As CEO Ian Page said recently, it’s clear “people have been spending more time with their pets and have therefore been more cognitive of their welfare”.

All this has really boosted DPH’s top line. In July, the company Read more

SEO is one of the trickiest parts of marketing. It’s not like paid ads that can give you an immediate ROI after the 7-day test period. With SEO, you’re waiting to see results for months. This makes running an effective SEO team different from running any other marketing division.

Your progress is slower, which means you have less room for mistakes. The wrong team and strategy could lead to months spent driving down the wrong road, only to find you need to turn around and start all over again.

That’s where the 10 commandments of managing an effective SEO team come into play.

Don’t waste your time and money traveling down the wrong road. 

Follow these commandments to get the SEO results you need to tap into your well-deserved traffic and conversions.

The 10 Commandments of Managing an Effective SEO Team

Commandment #1: Figure out the roles you need to

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While ecommerce websites give customers the convenience of shopping on their own schedule, a website can’t replicate the physical retail experience. When customers shop in a brick-and-mortar store, they can touch the merchandise and visualize what it’ll look like when they take it home.

Adding high-quality, high-resolution product images to your page elevates your brand and gives your clients realistic expectations of their purchases. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, the right product photography setup can improve your website’s credibility and attract more customers.

Table of Contents

Why you need high-quality product photos

Your existing customers already know what to expect when they shop on your … Read more

Mining group Glencore (LSE: GLEN) has outperformed all of its FTSE 100 rivals over the last year. The Glencore share price has risen by 92% over the last 12 months, compared to gains of between 15% and 60% for rivals Anglo American, Rio Tinto and BHP.

Glencore has already committed to $2.8bn of shareholder returns in 2021. The company also has a new CEO and is committed to developing mining projects that will support low-carbon energy. Is now the right time for me to add this heavyweight miner to my portfolio?

Shareholder rewards

The first half of 2021 was pretty good for Glencore. In just six months, the company generated an operating profit of $5.3bn – that’s more than during the whole of 2020. 

Some of this extra cash is being returned to shareholders. In addition to the company’s ordinary dividend of $0.12 per share, there’ll be an … Read more

The Pepsi “Made for Football Watching” campaign features David Costabile imploring fans to prioritise their game-day football watching rituals

Though the world may be calling, so is football. This year, Pepsi is giving the “okay” to all football watchers to choose their love of the game above all else, and fans agree. According to Nielsen, 2020 football fans were as devoted as ever, tuning into NFL games at more than three times the rate of other primetime programs.

The brand is celebrating these loyal watchers with its “Made for Football Watching” campaign designed to inspire fans and gear them up (literally) for a season of hours upon hours of prime unapologetic NFL binge-watching.

Along with the return of national TV spots celebrating the football watcher, this year’s program debuts with “Football Is Calling,” new digital content featuring Billions star and Breaking Bad alum David Costabile, alongside a new program that … Read more