I’ve been looking for renewable energy stocks to buy for my portfolio. Luckily, when it comes to green energy, UK investors are almost spoilt for choice. 

The London Stock Exchange is becoming one of the world’s premier centres for green finance. As cash has flooded in, a range of new companies and funds have set themselves up to capitalise on the trend. 

Basket of renewable energy stocks

To build the most exposure to renewable energy stocks, I’d buy at least one investment trust focused on these companies for my portfolio. My top pick, and the trust I’d buy today, is the Jupiter Green Investment Trust

The great thing about buying an investment trust is I don’t have to worry about picking stocks. I also don’t have to worry about the complications that can arise due to investing overseas. Around 32% of Jupiter’s portfolio is invested in US-listed companies, … Read more

Point-of-purchase marketing is messaging delivered to customers after they’ve already stepped inside your store. When you have a brick-and-mortar location, the majority of your marketing efforts aim to get people in the door. That’s a worthy task, but it’s not enough to capitalize on conversions.

Research shows common reasons customers leave stores without buying anything:

  • Couldn’t find the product they came for (67%)
  • Product wasn’t available or in stock (66%)
  • Long checkout lines (51%)
  • Customer service or lack thereof (39%)

What can you do to make sure browsing shoppers don’t leave empty-handed? Enter point-of-purchase marketing.

Table of Contents

What is point-of-purchase marketing?

Simply put, point-of-purchase marketing entices customers to buy something they didn’t know they needed or wanted. It’s an effective tool that you may notice many stores using … Read more