The global cybersecurity market is expected to grow 12.5% every year from 2021 to 2028. This makes cybersecurity shares potentially lucrative investments. I think picking the best ones could lead to huge returns for my portfolio. 

A top UK cybersecurity share

Kape Technologies (LSE: KAPE) is a UK-listed cybersecurity company with products focused on privacy and digital security. It’s growing strongly. In 2020, revenues increased 85% to $122.2m (£87.88m). It’s little surprise then that the share price is also doing very well. Shares in Kape Technologies have more or less doubled over the last year.  

Analysts at Progressive Equity Research expect revenue growth to remain very strong, while the price-to-earnings ratio will fall over the next few years due to strong earnings. The analysts expect revenues in 2021 to be £200m and £250m in 2022. For context, revenue in 2018 was £52.1m. It’s not all about the top line though. … Read more

CompanyMike Mandel Hypnosis
OwnerChris Thompson
TypeMarketing Firm
Company SummaryRecognized around the world, we have transformed hypnosis education into an amazing experience that is easy, fun, and supported by an incredible community of students from around the world! Our online and classroom students come from all walks of life. They could be a hair dresser looking for a career change, or a physiotherapist looking to add a complementary skill set.

The Future Is Bright for Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel Hypnosis…

Mike Mandel Hypnosis is our company name. I branded it after my business partner, Mike Mandel, who is an absolute genius presenter, trainer, therapist, entertainer. Before working together he was locally wellknown (Ontario, Canada) as a stage hypnotist, keynote speaker and hypnosis trainer for live classroom classes.

I’ve been in the DM family for at least 5 years, and prior to that I’d seen many valuable … Read more

For years, well before adopting the moniker of influencer marketing, brands have sought endorsements from celebrities and people of note. Generations that came before Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alphas—notably Generation X and Baby Boomers—can also be swayed by the right message from the right person at the right time.

Influencer marketing has become the catchall term for certain types of celebrities, experts, thought leaders, bloggers, and content creators who use their online presence to affect a group of people’s purchasing choices. It is one of the fastest-growing brand-building strategies, nearly tripling in value to an estimated $9.7 billion in recent years.

To develop killer influencer marketing strategies for all generations, it’s essential to understand the formula of the message, influencer, place, and time most effective for each generation.

Baby Boomers

The assumption that Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) are not technologically savvy is a myth that has been debunked time … Read more

Hawaiian Airlines campaign by MullenLowe LA shows how easily a dull or stressful situation can be transformed into the tranquil beauty of Hawaii

Americans are terrible at taking vacations and after the last 18 months of stay-at-home orders, they need a vacation more than ever. MullenLowe LA has created a new campaign for Hawaiian Airlines ‘The Keepers of Vacation’ which launches this week.

The work inspires people to dream of a Hawaii experience far from their everyday lives. Meticulously crafted by award-winning directors Zhang and Knight, they show how easily a dull or stressful situation can be transformed into the tranquil beauty of Hawaii. Each spot begins in a mundane, everyday space – a lonely, sterile office or a chaotic family home.

A moment later, one of the people trapped in each environment happens across an evocative image of Hawaii, transporting their thoughts to a dream vacation. As they wistfully … Read more

Matching gift programs are a powerful method for companies and their employees to align philanthropic efforts to maximize impact on the causes they care about. More than just an employee benefit or engagement program, organizations that match employees’ donations to nonprofits or that give grants to nonprofits to “match” employee volunteer hours increase impact, create community, and find shared purpose — both within the organization and in the community. Some programs are more effective than others, however, at achieving the level of employee engagement and social impact a company envisions. These five essential steps can help. Philanthropy Cloud now enables your Matching Gifts program, making it easy for employees to request matches while making a donation.

1. Define Clear Objectives and Set Measurable Goals

Your company runs a matching gifts program for a reason. What is it? Setting clear objectives enables you to tailor your program to address them … Read more