Several years ago, I tried to open one of these newfangled online banking accounts. Seemed so simple. STOP. Seemed so logical. STOP. Seemed so straightforward. STOP. Despite my best efforts as a reasonably tech-savvy person (not as good as my husband or my 23-year-old, but pretty good), I abandoned ship after about the seventh step, and I was nowhere near getting an online account. I appreciate the need for information (especially for a bank account), and the various legal disclaimers that are required, but the claim of a “1-2-3” process here was false advertising at its most extreme.

And while I think it’s easy to blame government regulation and legalese, some of the information was clearly requested to enable further marketing efforts down the line. Hey, I’m a marketer, I get it. But common sense dictates you get to know someone before you take a deep dive into their personal … Read more

Samsung’s collaboration with CJ ENM shows commitment to innovating in the growing virtual production market with its leading Micro LED technology, The Wall

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced a new partnership with CJ ENM, an entertainment and media group behind the Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’, to build a virtual production studio to spearhead the production of future video content.

Combining its cutting-edge Micro LED technology with CJ ENM’s globally recognised content production of television series and films, the company is taking the next step in a new initiative to innovate in the rapidly expanding virtual production market.

Through this partnership, Samsung will supply its state-of-the-art display technology, The Wall, to CJ ENM’s virtual studio, a part of its television and film production studio complex scheduled to open in Paju, Korea later this year.

The custom virtual production volume studio will be the first in the world to leverage The … Read more

As nonprofit marketers and fundraisers begin their end-of-year giving campaigns, quickly creating personalized, data-driven content has never been more important. The newly-launched Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits from is designed to help nonprofits of all sizes build constituent-first communications fast.

Building effective marketing campaigns is especially critical for smaller nonprofits, which have unfortunately been hit the hardest by the pandemic and experienced a decline in annual donations. As nonprofits look to make up for revenue lost, as well as take their engagement and giving to new heights, digital tools present new opportunities to reach new audiences and deepen relationships with existing supporters.

To learn how nonprofits of all sizes are approaching this end-of-year giving season, we asked leaders at, (RED), Conservation Volunteers Australia, 92nd Street Y, and 412 Food Rescue to share their tips and tools for engaging constituents.

The newly-launched Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits is
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Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow – Andrew Fragias

This demo video walks through an example of Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow – Andrew Fragias.

To provide a full view of what interactions your team is having with related Accounts create a record triggered flow that will help display the Opportunities related to child accounts

Key Features: Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow Using Record Trigger Flow and Used Before Save record triggered Flow to assign/identify the child account opportunity.

Here Used following Salesforce Flow Resources & Elements to achieve Identify Child Account Opportunities using record triggered Salesforce Flow

  • Record Triggered Flow (Opportunity Object, Before the record is saved run flow)
  • Used Decision (To identify the Account has Parent Account)
  • Assignment (Update Parent Account Using Assignment)
  • Test & Demo from Opportunity records

Create Opportunity Teams based on Tasks using record Read more

Shares in television group ITV (LSE: ITV) edged higher when markets opened this morning after the company said it will restart dividend payments this year. Management plans to set the payout at 5p per share, giving a forward yield of 4.1%. 

The latest numbers from the group show a strong recovery in advertising revenue and continued growth in programme making. I already own a few ITV shares, but should I be buying more of this stock for my portfolio after today’s news?

Getting back to normal

ITV’s revenue rose by 27% to £1,548m during the first half of 2021, compared to the same period last year. The group’s adjusted operating profit doubled to £327m.

These numbers look pretty impressive. But the reality is that many UK businesses are performing better this year than they were 12 months ago, as they recover from the impact of the pandemic.

What I want … Read more