John Wannamaker famously claimed he wasted 50% of his advertising budget but he didn’t know which 50% was wasted. Well, that might hold for traditional advertising, with few metrics to monitor performance, but it certainly isn’t true for digital marketing. Armed with better metrics to monitor your performance, you can maximize ROI (return on investment) by focusing on those tactics that produce the highest return on investment.

What is Marketing Analytics?

Market analytics involve comprehensive data gathering and study of various marketing strategies to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of marketing initiatives. Of course, you maximize ROI by focusing on KPIs (key performance indicators) and using them to determine which tactics you should continue and which you should scrap. By gleaning insights from your data, you also maximize ROI by combining the best parts of your tactics together.

For instance, knowing that certain key phrases used in email subject lines … Read more

After 67 years, menswear retailer Harry Rosen may have finally created the most versatile shirt ever… virtually, at least. In time for Father’s Day, the brand launched a clothing innovation for WFH dads who suffered a long year stuck in countless video calls. The Harry Rosen ‘Green Screen Shirt’ adapts to any occasion. This limited-edition cotton button-down is green-screen-green — a specific shade that unlocks unlimited color and pattern possibilities on video chats.

How it works is simple. By hitting the green screen checkbox on Zoom and then choosing a pattern, wearers can change the design of their shirt within seconds. It uses Zoom’s built-in green screen functionality in a new way to bring some much-needed variety to dad’s millionth meeting.

The ‘Green Screen Shirt’ was the center of a Father’s Day giveaway on Harry Rosen’s Instagram. Lucky dads who received the shirt had access to a variety of exclusive … Read more

Miller Lite is setting a goal to impact bars across the country through inclusivity training, town halls, and a US$250K donation to Equality Federation

Miller Lite and Equality Federation are announcing the “Open & Proud” programme, an initiative that aims to create safe, inclusive spaces at bars for the LGBTQ community.

The programme includes the development and implementation of inclusivity training materials for bar owners and employees at the 55,000 bars and nightclubs where the beer brand is sold. These training materials will be informed by intersectional LGBTQ experiences shared at town halls across the country.

Everyone deserves to be their authentic selves at any bar, but this isn’t always the case for members of the LGBTQ community. There are countless reports of LGBTQ folks feeling unwelcome at restaurants and bars and of LGBTQ people of colour and transgender and gender-nonconforming folks being discriminated against at LGBTQ bars.

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What is the Opposite of Poverty? Bryan Stevenson says, “It’s Justice.”’s head of brand and insights, Devi Thomas, sat down with Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and author of Just Mercy, a book about his fight to help those wrongfully convicted on death row. The book was so popular that it was also made into an award-winning hit film.

Stevenson spoke at’s Education Summit where he shared jarring statistics, including that one in three black male babies in this country is expected to go to jail in his lifetime. Stevenson is a lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law School and started EJI to dedicate his life to fighting the unequal treatment of marginalized communities. He is committed to changing the narrative on race in this country to help us truly understand who we are.

In this interview, Stevenson shares his thoughts on how we … Read more

There are numerous ways I can try to get rich investing. And one of the main methods I’ve chosen on my investing journey is to think like a billion-pound fund manager. 

If I imagine the cash I have is other people’s money? It makes me less likely to take crazy risks

Sure, some risk is necessary. I feel I can’t go through life never taking a leap of faith. But having strict risk management in place means I’m less likely to blow up my account. I don’t like the thought of having to start all over again at my age. 

I’ve built up a nice amount of cash from investing over the past few years. I want to leverage those gains to keep growing my pot for retirement. 

My investing role model

Peter Lynch is the model value investor. A voracious researcher, he created $14bn in wealth in his … Read more