As the reopening of the UK economy continues, I believe some of the best stocks to buy now are businesses that may benefit from this trend. As such, here are two FTSE 100 companies that I’d buy for my portfolio. 

Best stocks to buy now

The first company on my list is the catering group Compass (LSE: CPG). Before the pandemic, this enterprise operated a relatively profitable business.

Contract catering requires little upfront investment as the facilities and equipment are usually owned by the client. This allowed the company to generate robust profit margins and a strong return on investment before the pandemic.

However, over the past 12 months, the company’s revenue has slumped. It reported a 30.4% decline in its last financial year. In addition, operating margins fell from 7% before the pandemic, to 3.4%

The thing is, the pandemic may have disrupted many of the company’s … Read more

Broadway theaters in New York are scheduled to resume performances in September 2021—18 months after they shuttered in the early days of the pandemic.

It’s one of the clearest signs yet that a “new normal” is on the horizon.

Indeed, with about 110 million Americans fully vaccinated as of May 2021, other pandemic-era restrictions are starting to lift on public spaces like bars, restaurants, gyms, and stadiums across the country.

Things really are starting to come alive this time around, and your business (and customers) should be too. That’s why we’re covering seven ways to prepare for and leverage the positive changes to come, according to top digital marketing experts across a variety of industries.

1. Return to out-of-home advertising and live events

One tactic is to return to out-of-home advertising and live events, which have understandably been neglected in the last year.

For his part, Dan Cassidy, CEO of … Read more

IPO fever is currently sweeping the UK. In the last few months, the likes of Deliveroo, musicMagpie, Darktrace and Trustpilot have all gone public. 

With a number of other companies already announcing an intention to go public, it seems London is set for another fantastic round of IPOs. We take a look at a few notable ones to keep an eye out for.


What exactly is an IPO?

An initial public offering (IPO) occurs when the shares of a private company are first listed on a stock exchange, making them available for purchase by the general public.

The primary purpose of an IPO is to raise capital for a company.

This capital can be used for various purposes. This includes geographical and product expansion, settling debts and liabilities, and so on.

How many IPOs have occurred so far this year?

So far, 2021 has been a red hot year … Read more

Influencers are used by many brands. But they may not always be the best idea. We take a look at how you can tell if Influencers will benefit your brand.

In the frenetic rush to get products and services in front of eyeballs, brands continue to turn to Influencers. Influencers have, amazingly, gone from strength to strength as a medium for making more of a marketing impact. It’s amazing because the variety of Influencers out there is huge, and the ROI can vary massively. It can be a tricky area to venture into as a brand, but if it pays off, it pays off well.

That said, it is important to be aware that not all brands will benefit from hiring an Influencer. For some brands, it just doesn’t make sense. So even though you have a great product or service, attaching an Influencer to your marketing efforts just … Read more

By: Joan Garry, Founder of the Nonprofit Leadership Lab

For nonprofits, there is no going back to “normal.”

And in many ways, that’s for the better. There were more than a few flaws with that “old normal”, the biggest of which is the sector’s relationship to digital technology. For many nonprofits pre-pandemic, technology was an afterthought that was too often considered overhead rather than an asset.

During the pandemic, it was the connective medium. It served as a critical lifeline, bridging the gap between nonprofits and supporters. And seemingly overnight, organizations that once regarded digital transformation as a long-term project were implementing, onboarding, and investing in technology that could keep them connected to their supporters and keep their missions going. Most importantly, nonprofits saw the power that technology has to expand their reach — to bring more people to their organization. More awareness, more access, more power.

So now that … Read more