Capital gains from FTSE 100 shares are looking good right now. Because of last year’s slump, there is a strong base effect at work when share price increases are calculated. This can make it harder to figure out the real performers.  So I am now considering longer-term returns to get a better sense of promising stocks.

Based on this calculation, FTSE 100 investment company 3i (LSE: III) is one stock that I think could grow my investment significantly over the next five years. Over the past year alone, its share price is up 40%. It is a strong number in itself, but may look smaller than gains for many other stocks. However, that is only because it bounced back faster after last year’s crash. It was back to pre-pandemic levels, even before the stock market rally started last November. 

3i posts good results

This is for good reason. Its investment … Read more

In his first campaign for the brand, Nadal stars in both Amstel ULTRA and Amstel 0.0 TVC’s, filmed from his home Island of Mallorca

Amstel ULTRA, the premium low-carb, low-calorie light beer, is launching a new global campaign with tennis legend, Rafa Nadal, titled ‘Choose Your Way to Live’. The campaign highlights the importance of finding balance in life and the benefits of selecting a beer that works for you.

The ‘Choose Your Way to Live’ campaign shows Rafa embracing an active, but a balanced lifestyle, enjoying the simpler moments with friends and family. The two hero films in the campaign – ‘True Luxuries’ with Amstel ULTRA and the ‘Rafa Side of Nadal’ for Amstel 0.0, show the unexpectedly understated ways Nadal likes to spend his time away from the court.

Launching first in Mexico and Spain, with an additional 10 markets following later in 2021, the campaign demonstrates … Read more

B2B Community of Influence with Content
One of the most compelling scenarios for B2B marketers to build content and community is through a combination user generated content (UGC) and strategic content collaborations. To do this, many B2B brands will initiate ongoing social media content and engagement programs to stimulate dialog with customers, community and influencers to build essential relationships.

With B2B marketing shifting to digital first, there is more demand for content than ever, but there are also resource challenges with the need to continuously create new content. At the same time traditional social media and content marketing can have trust issues if the brand isn’t engaging with the community or the right influencers on a regular basis. A content marketing focused solution that solves for both of those challenges that also helps build community and influence for B2B brands can be found through participation marketing – aka, user generated content in the form of content … Read more

The GSK (LSE: GSK) share price has really struggled over the past year. Shares in the pharmaceutical company have fallen by 18%, excluding dividends.

Over the same time frame, the FTSE 100 has returned around 16%, excluding dividends.

To put it another way, shares in GlaxoSmithKline have underperformed the market by 34%, excluding dividends over the past 12 months. 

Why has the stock performed so poorly, and should I take advantage of this underperformance and acquire some shares in the pharmaceutical giant for my portfolio? 

GSK share price doubts  

It would appear that the market has been giving Glaxo the cold shoulder because of doubts about the company’s growth potential.

While the business has a strong portfolio of treatments already on the market, analysts are expressing concern that the firm is not investing enough for the future. Its product pipeline, they argue, is thin compared to other companies such as … Read more

The greatest minds in the world present themselves as famous procrastinators. In this regard, it’s worth noting that you can get marketing ideas that will let you go from a procrastinator to a productive one.

Traditional marketing is still valuable and encompasses effective advertisements that the target audiences can experience. The availability of print broadcast, and marketing through cold calling is still important for every business. Digital or Traditional, determining the right channel for marketing is the step to go through the right way to target the consumers.

Here’s the list of the strategies that will be helping you in your marketing campaigns.

1. Targeting the Customers with the Right Product

As a brand, always pay attention to convey your message to target customers. Sometimes it turns out to be tricky. But it is always good to target customers with the right product or service. You will have to pursue … Read more