Ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook officially announced the new privacy features included with the iOS 14 update in December of 2020, the marketing world has been plotting our adjustments and strategies for operating under these new guidelines. We had time to prepare, and we did. But now iOS 14 is active, so we get to observe real-life examples of how familiar brands are evolving under the iOS 14 update marketing impact. 

Just a quick refresher on iOS 14 developments: Apple announced a new privacy initiative last year that gives users the option to opt-out of IDFAs. IDFAs (Identifiers For Advertisers) are third-party trackers that report data about user activity back to the advertisers. The operative effect of this change is a much smaller population of iOS users who will be susceptible to targeted ads. 

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By: Navneet Johal, Director of Industry Solutions at Salesforce.org & Kathryn Peterson, Director of Strategic Content at Salesforce.org

As former teachers, we’re empathetic to the challenges education can present on any given day, but especially during these times. We’re inspired by the compassionate resilience of higher education leaders, faculty, and staff who are supporting students with mental health issues and navigating a global pandemic — and we’re excited to share some of those stories this month in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

In conversations with higher ed leaders and expert organizations, such as the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), we’ve seen three best practices emerge as institutions prioritize student wellbeing.

Institutions can support students by prioritizing wellbeing in policies, practices, and supporting technology.

1. Create a Culture and Design for Wellbeing

Over the last five years, institutions haven’t been able to hire enough counselors to address … Read more

The gig economy, which can be defined as freelancers working on a flexible basis through digital employment platforms, is booming right now. Powered by advances in technology, this new style of working is disrupting the world’s employment markets, and overhauling the nine-to-five rules that were standard for so long.

One UK stock that offers exposure to this growth story is Deliveroo (LSE: ROO). The online food delivery company connects local consumers, restaurants, and grocers with delivery riders. But is an investment in Deliveroo shares the best way to capitalise on the growth of the gig economy?

I’m not convinced it is. I think there are better stocks to play this exciting long-term growth theme.

Deliveroo shares: the bull case

There are certainly some things to like about Deliveroo from an investment perspective. One is that the company is growing rapidly at the moment. In its first-quarter 2021 results, for … Read more

The right marketing strategy doesn’t happen on one platform, it happens across several. In this episode, Mark de Grasse, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of MegaMad Websites explains his holistic approach to marketing. Listen to learn how Elon Musk has strategized (or fallen into) his holistic marketing approach, how internet speed is impacting marketing, and using editorialization in your content strategy.

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By: Barbara Clarkson, Solutions Consultant at Economic Change CIC

In 2013, just as austerity began to bite, the Stockport Homes Group noticed that several of their tenants were constantly struggling to make ends meet. They saw the need for something different than a food bank, which is designed to provide short-term emergency support, and launched the Your Local Pantry scheme.

Your Local Pantry (YLP) is a social franchise which is different from a food bank in a number of important ways: The pantries are member-run, open to anyone local, and the membership is not time-limited. They offer fresh, packaged and higher-value foods, and members can choose whatever they want. For a membership fee of £3,50, members can choose up to £20 worth of food each time they go to the pantry. YLP creates the look and feel of a little local shop with uniformed staff who manage the store by … Read more