The John Lewis Partnership is donating over £1m this summer to more than 1,000 local charities and community organisations helping to end child poverty across the UK

The John Lewis Partnership has announced that it will step up efforts to help those disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, by donating over £1m this summer to more than 1,000 local charities and community organisations helping to end child poverty across the UK.

It’s part of the company’s Give a Little Love programme, which aims to make a lasting difference to those in need.

A total of 2.3 million children experienced food insecurity between March and August last year, and 850,000 children reported that they or their families visited a food bank.

To help tackle this important issue, each John Lewis and Waitrose shop will be directing their regular community donations to charities in their own communities that support children in poverty. This … Read more

Now more than ever, new models for “skilling up” are emerging to futureproof the workforce, including more flexible offerings through higher education institutions, employers, and online course providers. Amid the angst about drops in higher ed enrollment, many predominantly online institutions saw enrollment climb — in some cases by quite a lot.

At Salesforce, our global impact is much bigger than our technology and our company. Together with our partners and customers, we’re creating millions of Salesforce jobs around the world. This is what research firm IDC has coined the “Salesforce Economy,” which will add 4.2 million new jobs through 2024. That’s the equivalent of Thailand’s and Belgium’s GDP combined, or the population of New Zealand all getting new jobs.

The Salesforce ecosystem is expected to create 4.2 million jobs worldwide through 2024, adding $1.2 trillion in new business revenues to local economies. –IDC

In addition to our technology … Read more

According to new data, easyJet, BP and Rolls-Royce shares have been some of the most popular stocks traded in the UK so far this year.

We take a look at this recent activity to find out what traders have been interested in and why these companies have been market movers and shakers.


What do trading figures show about UK shares such as easyJet?

Data from Saxo Markets reveals that certain shares were heavily bought and sold in the UK during Q1 this year.

The bulk of trading has been in international markets, but this was no surprise. There were some obvious inclusions like GameStop and Tesla in their findings. Although many believe the American stock market is expensive right now, that hasn’t stopped interest from investors.

However, only a handful of UK options were included in the top 20 and can be found on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).… Read more

With ten million users, it’s time to start thinking about if you should integrate Clubhouse into your marketing strategy. In this episode, co-founder of Super Connector Media Jen Gottlieb explains how to use Clubhouse the right way so you can drive action and grow an audience filled with your customer avatar. Listen to learn how to get started on the app, her best practices for creating and moderating rooms, and how to create a top-notch profile.

Listen To Learn:

  • How to think about Clubhouse when you’re first starting out on the app
  • How to strategize moderating a room and the template to use to keep it interesting
  • The best way to put your guests at ease by showing that you’ve done the hard work for them

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How They Work, Examples and Benefits

In a world that’s increasingly reliant on automation, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to chatbots for help with running their companies.

Among consumers, however, chatbots have historically had a poor reputation. They’re remembered for their infancy, when they weren’t very good at conversing in a natural and organic way.

However, things have changed since MSN’s SmarterChild, and now, many of the best marketing ideas include the use of chatbots.

Customers are far less wary of interacting with a chatbot in 2021. A 2018 survey by Drift found 37% of consumers expected to use a chatbot to get quick answers to emergency queries, while 35% expected to use one to resolve a complaint or provide a detailed explanation about something.

2018 State of Chatbots Report - Drift

From this, we can infer that customers may even be disappointed if chatbots aren’t used in these situations. Without them it’s likely … Read more